Living in a class B RV – Maintenance?

Living in a class B RV – Maintenance?
The maintenance priorities and concerns for the class B RV I live in.

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Van Isle Gunnut

  • Thank you for these videos and all of your insight. Can you please post about entertaining company/visitors, including dating? I know some of these vans have awnings that can allow for a nice outside life in front of the van, with the "porch" area being the best place to mingle. What have you found works best when hosting visitors?

  • Don't come to Florida. If you try to leave a space between you and the car in front of you people will tear around you and scoot right in the space. And if you would even dare to drive the speed limit, you get horns honking, both hands being thrown up in the air and the middle finger with yelling. I try often, but it is pretty frustrating.