Looking for ‘FREE’ overnight parking?

RVing is an exciting thing to do and there is no question about that. But you should also be prepared financially, because you are living your life, wherever that long road to adventure takes you. However, even if you do have the means, saving some few bucks should be in your vocabulary. You can always go in RV parks and spend the night there with everything that you need and ‘pay’ for it when there are ‘free’ overnight parking available around town. You just have to be aware where you could find them. Here are some tips for you.


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Some RV-friendly places that offer free overnight RV parking are:

Truck Stops: Flying J, Pilot Travel Centers, TA/ Petro Stopping Centers, Travel Centers of America, Rip Griffin Travel Centers

Restaurants: Cracker Barrel

Casinos: Circus Circus RV Park

Schools and Churches with big parking lots. (Of course always inquires first and ask permission,okay?)

Consider your safety all the time, so don’t just park anywhere. Be prepared and find the right place to spend the night. It’s better safe than sorry. Be an RV-smart – always.

  • Thanks for the hints for non-campground overnight parking. We’re new at the RV vacations and a few hours break especially on windy days would be great.

    • Not all WalMarts allow parking anymore. Best to inquire in the store to make sure you can park there. Same thing with Cabelas and Bass pro. Some do, some do not.

  • Circus Circus RV Park is not an example of free casino RV parking. I have stayed there in each of the past two years and I guarantee it’s not free.

    It’s a parking lot with hookups and a
    pool. Very hot in summer 🙂

  • Just remember it’s not a campground so don’t open all your slides. In fact don’t open any of your slides! You will ruin the free parking availability for everyone if you use these places like a traditional campground. Have respect for not only the owners who so graciously allow us to park in their lots, but also for other fellow RV’ers who just need a place to rest while making a long trip. Happy Trails!!

  • Several places on service road along I-55 an I-40 West Memphis AR WALMART, Kroger, Cracker Barrell an Fly-J. several truck stops

  • Agree with JB. We stayed at “Circus Circus” in Las Vegas and IT IS NOT free. If you do stay there, bring plenty of paper products, because the onsite store will rip you a new one. $4.00 for a small roll of paper towels.