Managing RV Maintenance Records

Managing RV Maintenance Records
In this video – I talk about my experience with RV Maintenance and the records associated with R&M. I also talk a little about extended warranties. Look forward …

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  1. I use a spreadsheet on my computer for tracking all Maintanance and items purchased for the rv and the toad. I keep separate pages in the spreadsheet for the generator and Aqua Hot. This has a place to track mileage or hours and keep any length of comments that I need. Very nice video.

  2. Great video about keeping maintenance records. I'm not on the road yet but I have been thinking long and hard about how I want to do this. I like your system. One question, Patrick: what do you use to scan documents with when you are on the road?

  3. very nice Patrick, I really like that black expandable compartment you have all the original docs in. When we had maycee we actually made a journal that I put plastic sleeves in and kept everything that was done to her in. Currently, as you know we don't have anything. Although i also made a journal for all the locations we stayed at and a rating system. Both of these journals were and are in a three ring binder.

  4. I use my computer for records. ( cloud-backed up) I scan work orders and receipts and put the originals in a physical file. I set up alerts to notify me know when it' is time for oil changes and when I need to check stuff. I do not believe in extended warranties but have an "emergency" fund to cover unexpected circumstances.

  5. Don't have an RV (Yet) but I do a few things to manage my maintenance. I have my records and folder for each vehicle but I also use an APP called "Fuel buddy"
    The app is not the greatest but it is on my phone and easy to add info when ever I and doing something, I paid for the app so it unlocks more features that allowed me to customize the app for my use.

  6. My hubby picked up a maintenance book from Camping World. You can probably find them online at Amazon or somewhere. They look like a spreadsheet type set up and broken down by engine, outside maintenance, like lubing the slides, steps jacks, etc. Then inside things like appliances, plumbing and such. He was all gung-ho about keep meticulous records. Well, he has done as well with the RV as he does our cars. The bill is folded up, stuck in a folder and there is still sits. He has mentioned a few times & I think even one other time has purchased a record keeper, only for me to show him that we already have one. We stay so busy with these grandbabies, we will have to take a weekend vacation to sit and transfer everything into the maintenance book. LOL About as good as me trying to write down recipes to keep in a small file box and keep in the RV. I have gone thru many of my recipes, they are tagged so I can write them on cards. I took a break for company visits, holidays and trips and it takes me a while to remember to get back to it. I have 2 totebags full of magazines & cookbooks I am copying from. But once I get thru a book or magazine, I can throw it out and not save it. I'm finding a lot of recipes on Pinterest too, fast and easy or crockpot even quick desserts, I thought would be good when traveling. I've printed those out so those I need to decide, should I write them on cards for the file box or hole punch and keep in a binder. I am learning the easiest thing to do is not save this to record later, but do it when the service is done. Now I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to set up a spreadsheet on the computer and and keep track there. Then maybe a phone reminder when the service should be done again. HUGS ~Donna

  7. Patrick, this is an excellent video and maintenance records are so important as well as warranty/extended warranties!! We have Good Sam for everything just don't have the extended warranty yet. We have used the roadside assistance. I remember the brake problem and it kept you from going FT until it was completed.
    We keep our records in an accordion file like yours for the RV and for the Tow vehicle I keep the maintenance record in the truck. We have all the owners manuals like you do for yours as well and keep them in the RV. We staple receipts to invoices as well. I am used to keeping records like that as my accountant taught me well from my business. I have written specific things in manuals as well if I need to replace something. I don't have a journal but that was an excellent idea. I follow routine maintenance on RV per the manuals including awning/water heater and so forth. I also note what day I winterize and de-winterize the RV.

  8. Got some OCD Pat? 😜 Congrats on your 1st year Nomadiversary! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Might also want too scan your receipts at FedEx one day and keep them online in Google Doc's…

  9. I think the warranty is a great idea! I wonder where the cut off is as far as the year goes.
    Love the log that you keep for the RV, I am sure it is going to come in very handy.

  10. Awesome! That information makes potential future owners proficient with their "new to them" RV.. The used RV buying process would be soooo much better if everyone was as thorough.. Great content.. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


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