Manatee Park & RV Scheduled Maintenance

Manatee Park & RV Scheduled Maintenance
Visiting Manatee Park, and finally saw what appeared to be a Manatee. Then stopped in for some work on the RV. “Tennessee Hayride” by Audionautix is …

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  • I have a bad feeling that the sales yard swapped the milometer on that RV from a wreck. Hence the mechanical issues and the corrosion in the rear flooring. Some people that run used vehicle sales yards have no soul.

  • Just noticed , through time, this is the 4th time you have talked about Catalytic Converters. To me it seems this rig loves to run rich in fuel over time. Maybe cross check over fueling records to miles. Meh,,,, If there is no way to tweak the firmware of the fuel injection, maybe go to a smaller injector…. So it physically can not inject that much fuel.. There is an inherent by design, long term problem in this Fuel injection system, clogging up the cats is "rich". Burning out the cats is "Lean" Just my take.Either add air,, or take away fuel.

  • If you have a dislike for a person or are jealous of what he does go watch another site that appeals to your infantile outbursts stop making yourself look like an idiot .

  • Great photography, very creative and not boring. I like seeing different places that I will never visit. I read some of the comments for the first time although I've watched many of your videos–very professional. Keep up the excellent work. People will be watching them for years. Very best wishes.

  • you are way too sensitive . Get a thicker skin . Can't do what you do and listen to everyone pick pick pick. the majority of us like what we see and tell you all the time. you hurt all of us when you pay too much attention to THEM

  • Eric, the fact that you DO show real life in an RV especially with the problems and all, is the main reason that I am watching your videos and will contribute when the need arises. You are helping me to understand what I will be getting into if and when I jump from the apartment life into the RV life. However, you do seem to be overly sensitive and defensive regarding the "trolls" and negative comments and I suggest you find a way to ignore them and become more thick skinned. I wager that most of us, me included, really have no idea what you're talking about as we just simply don't read those reviews as we are here for you, not them. You're doing a good and beneficial thing, just delete the comments on the trolls, please.

  • the way I feel about it is if I want to donate or help with an issue that's my business,,,i enjoy your channel and travelling like you do isn't cheap and besides that its my business ,,if someone doesn't like your way of doing things deleate their comments,,i hate whiners,,tell ya what,,im begging if you like erics channel and want it to continue PLEASE PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH,,,NOW THEIR IM THE ONE BEGGING NOT HIM,,,I DONT KNOW THE MAN IVE NEVER TALK TO HIM I JUST LIKE HIS CHANNEL,,,,,,,,,,,DONATE,,,DONATE,,,JUST TO PISS A WHINER OFF DONATE ,,,,LOL

  • What don't these people dropping these negative comments understand? If they didn't enjoy watching your channel they wouldn't be watching in the first place and the only way we get to enjoy your channel is through the decent people who do donate and keep your RV going. Every channel I subscribe to seems to have some whiney complainer puking negativity that nobody wants to hear. They are clearly not happy in general and not worth responding to, BUT, I just had to get it off my chest! I have been enjoying your channel with my husband for months now and want to say Thank you to you and Jax the oh so cooool cat! We are envious for sure!

  • Really enjoy your video's. Learning a lot from you as well as from some of the other youtubers that are full time travelers. Seriously thinking about this option…thank you for all the info and updates. For all the (-) comments below, here is a little mantra to keep in your thoughts: "It is none of my business what people think about me…I will always stay true to myself and treat others without using labels, judgements, or unkind words." Happy travels!

  • Eric keep your chin up n don't even give those pathetic people a second thought. If they are saying your dry begging for $ don't even worry about it. And if people feel compelled to send you $ then so be it. It does take $ to travel it's definitely not free. I enjoy your videos and if I had $ I'd send it. I have especially enjoyed your Florida videos. It's made me really miss the beach. I love it! Anyway just as long as your happy and continue to enjoy what your doing then to Hell with the rest of them. Give Jax a big hug for me!

  • Someone went to my email saying easy to say when you leave your family or something to that effect. Don't know why, but I'm just a supportive viewer not involved on any other level. My brief ENCOURAGING comments are posted publicly like anyone else after watching a video. Please don't try to sway my opinion in any direction. If there's any merit to what you are saying, let it be between those who are involved, not viewers. That's not what the videos are about, or I wouldn't watch them. Get your ratings some other way, not from those enjoying the videos. I'm not a troll, and have no evolvement with troll.

  • Don't know who,or why some one commented to my closed ended comment meant to encourage, but I just don't comment if I need to be nasty, and better yet, I just watch something else.

  • Hello Eric & Jax,
    Greeting from DownUnder.
    Focus on moving forward, you haven't the time for negativity when your enjoying life's journey.
    Thanks for arranging your YouTube videos, I eagerly await receiving the latest edition all the time.
    I'd love for you to visit & film a month of Sunday's down the east coast of my country (Possible right?)
    Any chances of incorporating a 'road map' in each edition indicating your travels in the States?
    All the very best mate & never ever give up.

  • Nothing is live, only sports events, dude dont worry about the trolls, they envy your life style, also OBDcodes with P015* thru P016* are pretty much O2 censor related, if its anything to do with air flow, look for codes relating to MAF (mass air flo sensor) these are simple fixes you can do yourself

  • I cant wait for an update. I wonder if the stall issue might not be related to the new valve in the transmission or the work in general having an affect on how the torque converter works. If the computer cant adjust to more drag at idle it might cause that kind of issue. idk. Im from Florida so Im lovin this part of the trip. You shouldnt miss Manatee county. If you need a place to plug in for a stay I could arrange something with friends or family of mine still in the area.

  • Donavan, can you not say anything nice? Since when is it appropriate to comment on someones weight, age, or accent? I am afraid my friend your parents failed to teach you any manners! What a shame!

  • Eric, wouldn't it have been cheaper to have gotten a new RV instead of a used one??? Just wondering, used low mileage might have not been such a great deal after all, don't know just putting my 2c worth!!!

  • A great video ! I am glad you pointed out some highlights that told you are not live and how you needed to have the R.V. serviced . The stalling sounds like it could be an idle air control valve ; however, other components can also cause this issue as you ease off the gas peddle !

  • Awesome video eric. Wild nature is a beautiful thing to explore and experience fully agree. And you not begging for money your living your life to the fullest and people are just hating because your enjoying and living the way you want to live ignore them like always. one of your biggest supporters like always. keep up the videos never gets old.

  • yes Erick , great vid.. ive seen some of these troll vlogers like nomadic cat rapist lol, nomadic stickers. just pure jalousie and they are so pathetic so just don't take any notice. notice they only got a handful of subscribers also.keep up the good work bud.

  • Eric, people should know when you are driving a used rv full time things happen. For this purpose you should have a PRO ACTIVE fund (mailbox) to receive funds in advance of issues where people are more than happy to fill. We all are here watching your videos and obviously love them. When I go to the movies and spend money on movies, popcorn and drinks someone is getting paid for acting and SO SHOULD YOU:)

    Could we see jax the star waking up and then what he does for a day in life with a star?

  • Each time you reply to a trolls comments you are giving them free rent in your head. Turn the tables on the trolls ignore them completely. We who understand and support you will do the same.

  • I know you don't like comments much there Eric…so this isn't for you. All those losers out there who say Eric is begging for money…you didn't have to buy a sticker or send him cash. As for what happens to that money after…who cares. It's a YouTube channel with cool video content. Isn't that the point? Ok…rant off. Hope the bill wasn't too bad there Eric. I know how being on the road, some places can try to gouge you because you aren't a local. Drive safe and don't let Jax drive too much.