Men Aren’t The Only Ones Who Like Driving the RV


There are many women out there who drive their RV as well as do solo-RVing. Here are some stories of some women drivers.



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Best Company for a woman Driving the RV? 

Woman RVers usually prefer a solo trip or going with other RVer friends.


According to Alison da Rosa an Americal ex-travel editor, Women are naturally capable of caring and nurturing each other. Traveling together is therapeutic to the extent that everyone in the group is cured to happiness and health by the end of the trip.


Today, we reminisce about three of our favorite Veteran Woman RVers and their story, struggle and wisdom of a brave new life. 

Driving the RV

  • For Linda Clayton RVing was a rough start. Besides losing her marriage in the very first year of RVing with her husband and kids, Linda had infinite more challenges to overcome. She fought her hardships valiantly and here’s what she advise women Driving the RV, “If I can do it, you can do it! Don’t be intimidated by driving, towing, or anything related to the RV. I think most women are better than men at driving and parking RVs. Seriously!”
  • It is true that the company of other women tends to give an added feeling of safety and satisfaction in women RVers. In fact, Marybeth Pond explains this perfectly, “Being in the company of other women is a powerful way to ground ourselves in female strength, humor and resilience. When we don’t have to worry about husbands or children, a different dynamic emerges, one that’s supportive, comfortable and relaxing. We escape the pressure to take care of everyone else and do things just for us. Sometimes that act alone can feel like a vacation”.
    She says, ‘A woman’s place is on the road’. 😀
  •  For Jaimie Hall Bruzenak, her wealth is her travel diaries. A veteran RVer since two decades, Jamie and her husband Bill chose full-time RVing at a crisis 20 years ago. She says, “I am certainly a different person than I would have been had I stayed in Pennsylvania in a regular house and job. What I gained were experiences and adventures I would never have had if we had not gone on the road”.

Here, check out an amazing video from the veteran RVer, Freeda and her Hangout on Youtube with full-time, wannabe and part time Woman RVers:

Check out more videos from Freeda here.

For a woman RVer, nothing else is akin to the freedom on an open road. Veteran Woman RVers have proved time and again how uniquely valuable it is to be a woman with her home on wheels.  When your freedom is the only stop on your route map, it is surprising how safe, beautiful and exciting, life becomes for a Woman RVer. What is your ‘Advice’ for beginner woman RVers? Tell us in the comments below 😀

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