NOMAD TIPS! – Top 5 Hacks to Traveling With a Dog

NOMAD TIPS! – Top 5 Hacks to Traveling With a Dog
YOU ASKED, I DELIVERED. Here’s my top 5 tips to traveling with a dog. It’s all about safety!! I talk about where to put them when you cant watch them! And other …

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  • You can order groceries online and use free pickup with your dog in the car and get $10 off your first order! Here is my link: . Also use ebates to get a free $10 Walmart gift card after your first purchase and money back on things you buy anyway. I totally thought it was a scam and couldn't believe when my card came in the mail! Here is my link for ebates: It also works for ebay, and Petco!

  • There is no such thing as a 'Violent Breed' of dog.
    Well, with this exception-
    'Toy Breeds'. I call most of them 'Ankle-Biters', because those little fanged tribbles are often far too damned neurotic!…
    Pits, Dobbies, Rotties, GS's, etc.?…
    They're ALL awesome doggos!…
    (this, coming from someone who's been ATTACKED by dogs, three times in this life… (not for anything 'I' did!… Just badly-raised/trained canines who's Owners didn't keep them under control)…)
    So, I don't meet ANY strange dog with the assumption they're 'Friendly'…
    Body language matters! Vocalizations. The HUMAN OWNER's attitude/behavior…
    Dogs are social animals. They protect their 'Pack', and I totally respect that behavior.

    My only gripe is bad people not raising/training/controlling their animals.

    Thanks for sharing the excellent advice about traveling with a pet (dog or othewise!). Temperature is KEY!… Dogs, and cats, can't perspire (sweat). If the inside temp of your vehicle/trailer is higher than 80 degrees, you can run into trouble. If it rises higher than 90 degrees, it can be fatal. If it peaks over 100 degrees? You're going to have a dead pet, FAST.

  • Love how you have taken the time to inform us. There are still too many people out there who leave their dogs in oven-hot cars. Or, who take dogs on hikes when it's mid day. Not fun for dogs, they have a hard time letting go of heat!

  • If your dog pulls super hard get a prong collar. I know people hate them, but a harness just lets them pull even more and you can use a prong collar humanely if you’re not a garbage human being.

  • Get a spill-proof water bowl and velcro it 2 the carprting. Get a battery fan or even an Arctic-air personal swamp.cooler…it can be run with a USB charger like a cell phone…put it on the dash so it's visible 2 the BusyBodies πŸ˜‰

  • I travel ALOT with my 9yo, red Doberman, Romeo. We just got back from a 6500 mile road trip in 7 weeks where we went hiking and Indian ruin hunting, throughout the south west and western U.S. I have to say, you are spot on when you talk about your dog. You use many of the same words and phrases that I use when speaking to people about Romeo. Ive just watched 2 of your videos and they brought a smile to my face as I watch here in bed, with him spread out of my king size bed, and still wrestle for space. He is the BEST and Dobermans are the BEST breed. My life is complete with him. He of course demands that. Happy travels. Maybe we'll see you on the trail somewhere. If ya ever need suggestions of bad ass places to go with your dog, Hit me up. Michael D'Amico on FB. Pic of Romeo as my profile

  • I mean realistically if its not more than 90 in the car and you have water out the dog is fine. A lot of people have outside dogs that are out there in 100 plus degree heat all day and their fine so idk what the big deal is if inside the car is less than around 90. I think people just see things and get dramatic and don't really like to think it through

  • This is my dream aha. I live in Europe, there’s lots of countries I’m wanting to travel around it in the next 5 or so years. I’m planning to bring one or two of my dogs with me, I wouldn’t travel without them πŸ™‚

  • You should disclaimer or mention that although your trip is to go to the National Parks and your bringing your dog, dogs arent allowed in the parks.

  • Well I mean Doberman Pinschers are not considered a 'bully breed' because they are not derived from bulldogs in any way. Bully breeds are typically considered to be American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, French Bulldogs and any other bulldog type dog, (most of these dog breeds were originally bred to bait bulls which is where the name comes from). Dobermans, on the other hand were developed as an all purpose guard dog by a tax collector in Germany using various large pinscher (terrier) type dogs, herding dogs (such as the Beuceron) and other types of common protection dogs.
    Other then that great video πŸ™‚