Organize Your RV… Secrets Finally Exposed

Your RV is like a miniature version of your home. It contains a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space, and more. If you are going to enjoy all of your time while traveling in your RV, you will want to make sure the inside of your RV is as organized as possible. With limited space to work with and plenty of toys and food to pack for the trip, developing a smart plan is essential. To help you with that task, we have assembled the following like of 10 ways to better organize your RV. Enjoy!

05305-organize-your-rv-better#1 – Think Velcro

To help keep your lightweight items in place throughout the trip, consider using Velcro. You can attach one side of the hook-and-loop tape to the RV itself (inside a cabinet or on the side of a table), and the other side to whatever items you wish to keep in place. While you shouldn’t necessarily rely on this solution to keep your things in place while traveling, it will help you stay organized during your trip.

#2 – Add Hooks Where You Can

There is no such thing as too much storage in an RV. If you can find spots throughout the rig to add even a few additional hooks, you will quickly come to appreciate the added space you have created. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure right away what you will hang from the hooks – you will always find things later on that are perfect for this storage method.

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#3 – Nesting Tools for the Kitchen

Perhaps no area of the RV is more space-sensitive than the kitchen. If you try to bring all of your cooking equipment from home with you on the trip, you will quickly realize that you are going to run out of space. Look online for nesting measuring spoons and bowls that provide you with a number of pieces without taking up much valuable space.

#4 – Pre-Trip Clean Out

Before you pack for your next trip, go through your RV carefully and get rid of anything that you don’t think you will need. It is easy to let things accumulate in your RV over time – even if you never actually use them. A quick review of everything that is presently in your RV will likely reveal plenty of items that can be tossed out.

#5 – Plenty of Buckets and Baskets

Sometimes all you need to do to organize your space is have plenty of containers on hand for the job. Even if you have packed a lot of stuff for your trip, the RV will feel far less cramped if you have it all organized into buckets and baskets. If these containers have lids, that would be even better.

#6 – Don’t Forget the No-Slip Mats

These are an RV classic, and for good reason. Line your shelves with no-slip mats so you can keep your things from moving all around the RV. Remember, even when you are parked at the campsite, an RV is going to move back and forth more than your home. Non-slip mats are inexpensive, easy to install, and should last you for years to come.

#7 – Repackage Your Food

You don’t necessarily have to bring all of your food in the same container that it came in when you purchased it at the store. Food packaging is often bulky for no good reason, so consider condensing your items into storage bins that will save you space in the pantry.

#8 – Look under the Bed

Some RV’s have storage space available under the bed. If that is the case with your rid, be sure you maximize the use you get from this valuable space. Again, using containers to gather your items before they are stored under the bed is a great idea to get the most from the room you have available.

#9 – Write It Out

Before putting anything into the RV for your trip, write down a complete packing list so you can review it carefully. When you see your packing list on a piece of paper in front of you, it will be easier to spot opportunities to save space. For example, you don’t really need to pack a rice cooker for the kitchen if you are already bringing a pot which could serve the same purpose.

#10 – The Oven is Available

The inside of your RV oven is a space that can be used to transport food and other goods before setting up camp. Of course, be sure to remember to remove all items before turning the oven on!

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  2. I love to use rubber bands when I’m packaging foods. When I open a bag of chips or frozwn food I fold it tight then wrap a rubber band around the entire bag. This alleviates carrying and storing those big bag clips.

  3. In our new RV I wanted to make the best use of limited storage spaces – after the first trip there was a large amount of stuff I removed as not needed, too bulky, too heavy, etc. Now I am much lighter and much more organized. I make a list of exact ingredients I need for each trip’s meals and only take those items. I use only lightweight dishes/pans, etc and try to look at each trip as a getaway, not a bulkaway. One item we recently purchased was a collapsible cube – it folds up almost flat, is able to store things inside and is also a footstool. I also got plastic drink holders for the car and used them all around the footstool – the lid holds them in place and now everyone has a place for their drinks while we watch tv – genius!

  4. I did away with the storage under the bed hated trying to lift the bed and dig things out so I found a waterbed pedestal that had drawers in it made it to fit under the bed which gave me 4 nice size drawers put lids on them that I could easily remove to get things out. No worries of mice to get into everything. Saved a lot of time and created usable space. the drawers in the rv all have lids on them so that I don’t again have to worry about critters getting into them a magnetic knife holders holds my knives safely. pull out pantry again everything in the rv has covers on them I only use containers with lids. the benches are open so that I can easily get to the bens with very little hassle. an over the door shoe holder holds all the clutter that ends up in the bathroom. I am all for everything has it’s place and is always in the same place. Incase your wondering how I keep everything from sliding around, bungee cords and hooks work great in the open storage. no problems with anything being out of place. Still working out the kinks but getting there.

    • Sharon, I’m not sure how you made the drawers under the bed with the waterbed pedestal. Could you send me a photo and/or instructions,please?? I am very interested in that and all your other ideas you posted. We just bought an RV, but not much storage in it. My email is:, I am also on Facebook as Sandi Wentzell if that’s easier to send a photo. Thank you in advance, Sandi

    • I agree that I would like to see pictures. Can you post them either here or on FB? I’m on FB…Debbie Cheatwood, Natchitoches, LA. Thanks.

  5. While traveling, Museum Gel is a wonderful companion. We place bath towels in the kitchen cupboards to take up slack space and keep everything in its place.

  6. I use white plastic coated racks to split cabinet heights. In the med cab I place 2 smaller ones 3x8x2 (used for office needs) attached to each other with vegetable bag twist ties then place them on another shelf, again attached with a twist tie. This again splits the span of the cab height between the shelf and allows me to place smaller items in them like eye drops, aspirin, burn cream & etc.. I also used this same type of organizer to hold hygiene items size 6x8x2 that keeps them from shifting around falling out when you open the cabinets. In the kitchen & bathroom under sink cabinets I use storage bins like plastic shoe bins to organize cleaners, shampoo, shave cream, toilet chemicals and so much more. One big thing I did for our 5th wheel when it was new was to measure every cabinet floor & drawer and cut indoor/outdoor carpet to fit. This keeps items from shifting in transit and let’s these areas looking new when you remove it to repurpose it in your next rig. I have found that the rubber woven product is good, however, quite difficult to remove when you have to clean something up or readying the rig for sale or trade. The rubber leaves so much rubber attached to the bottom of cabinets that trying to remove it leaves scratches and gouge marks.

  7. i never haul empty containers except zip-lock bags. If I’m going to drag it it better be doing something.

  8. Places like home stores or Hobby Lobby have different light metal baskets. There is usally a narrow space on each side of a window at the table. These fit perfectly on the wall to put cell phones, ipads, and other items kept on the table. The same goes in the bedroom on each side of the bed. Measure your space first. Also if you travel with cats, Ikea has these mats that have a slight grip. Great for the dashboard to protect and give them a view of the world. Double duty as a bath mat in the house

  9. We have a Class C RV and space in these is even more of a challenge. We just spend an entire summer in our Rv with two cats. As you can imagine we spent the majority of time outside but on rainy days spent indoors I was constantly re organizing . Our RV is 27 years old still in good shape ,any suggestions would be welcomed.

  10. I use dishpans from the dollar store for storage in cabinets above couch and chairs. They fit perfectly and hold things such as maps and camp club books, games, insurance and warranty paperwork, etc. They’re easily grabbed and taken down, even in the higher cabinets. I use a larger crate-type basket in the kitchen cabinet for my plastic storage containers; easy to pull out and select the size you want.