Osoyoos BC – Canadian RV Snowbird Destination?

Osoyoos BC – Canadian RV Snowbird Destination?
Osoyoos BC – Canadian #RV #Snowbird Destination? This area saw more than it’s share of snow over the past 2 winters. It’s all about perspective I guess, and …

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  • I prefer to RV Snowbird where it is at least above freezing. Mind you, once we have to build our wall it may be Osoyoos or Niagara.

  • We have been working in Whitecourt Alberta since October in a new fifth wheel toy hauler (will be full time this summer). We've had some -30's and have had some challenges but overall we would have no issues with ANYTHING down to -20c. Once we figured out the trouble spots it's been a good experience. There are probably a dozen RV's here mostly working (low numbers this year apparently) and everyone is making due. Beats having to stay in a hotel in every way !!

  • Hi – originally raised in Vernon I know this amount of snow happens every 7- 10 years, but it's not the norm. Usually the Okanagan is overcast but mild weather. Mind you, once in awhile we'll receive a good dump of snow – great for skiing Big White or Silver Star (if you can afford it).

    My wife and I are close to retirement and interested in downsizing with RV Park living either in Swan Lake Park, Osoyoos area, Peachland or Summerland on a year round basis.

    My daughter was born and now lives in Kelowna. Kelowna would be ideal place, close to Okanagan Lake, but I'm afraid Kelowna and West Kelowna RV Parks are either too expensive per month and/or don't provide YEAR ROUND opportunity.

    Reason I say close to Okanagan Lake is because we are avid Kayakers and love fishing. We have an active lifestyle from hiking to biking in and around sunny Okanagan.

    Questions : Which RV Park is this one in Osoyoos? Sounds like a nice small community throughout the year.
    How much does it cost on a monthly basis and I'm assuming it offers the Year Round Option ?
    I have found the monthly cost for a RV LOT is from $500 – $800 per month ( includes hookup and water) depending where you're staying. I'm guessing power would cost no more then $60 per month as that's what our condo price is right now.
    What's the cost for propane and do most monthly RVers use larger Propane Tanks ? Cost per month ?
    Are there any other hidden costs I'm not aware of excluding food of course ?
    Hopefully you can answer these questions as I can't find the answers for Canadians downsizing into a RV Year Round monthly Option for retirement. There's lots of info for Americans but not much for Canadians. Thanks for your time into answering these questions. If you have links or videos I've missed, please let me know. I appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  • Hi from province of Quebec! Just curious to know what kind of heating system do these full time RVers use throughout the winter months? The cube? Man made fireplace? Or only the propane system?

  • What is the winter normally like here? Is there usually less snow and more milder temperatures? I am surprised to see people winter RVing in the snow and cold. Would have thought they’d go to Vancouver island or south