Our Journey To Full Time Rving – We Made It!

We made it! Here are our thoughts about how we got to our final dream of full time RV living. It took us 2 years of planning, heartache, and patience. Join us as we ramble on about our new life adventure.

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Norm and Phyllis

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  • Thanks for sharing. We sold everything this year – thinking we would full time. Well that lasted for only a couple of months – then we bought a RV Port House in Florida as a home base. Part Timing (at least for now) seems to be the right thing for us. Congrats and safe travels.

  • Hey there….enjoyed the video and we just subscribed! We are full time RV Family and are on the road about 6 months out of the year. The rest of the year we still live in our rv but are "tethered" to my business here in Texas. We'd love it if you'd check our channel out and sub if you like what you see. Hope to see you out on the road someday!

  • Just found your channel. We are working towards full time and plan to be on the road in May in our truck and 5th wheel. We are leaning towards keeping the house, storing our furniture and renting the house. (We have downsized our stuff considerably). Although there are times when we think selling the house might be good too. Did you think about an exit strategy should it become necessary in the future to come off the road? We worry about being out of the real estate market and not being able to buy back in later. We live on Vancouver Island where real estate is super expensive.

  • Just watched you guys for the first time AS my wife and I are similar – recently retired and looking to go full-time RV. We'r.e getting rid of our house (in the final stages of getting rid of all the THINGS in it, as you did), about ready to put it on the market … but we went out and bought a new CLASS B, as we figure we can live with the close quarter thing. A bit of character building in there, too, I'm sure.

    Just a quick bit of constructive criticism. We're so new to the camping culture, we didn't KNOW what a Kodiak was. It would have been real nice, as you spent a lot of time talking about your RV shopping journey, to at the end of that discussion to put up a PICTURE of your Kodiak looks like. As it was, we simply did a Google Image search of "Kodiak" to get an idea … just a small thing that can make a big difference to someone following your story.

    Y'all have a great day. HAPPY FOR YOU. Hope we can meet up on the road some day!

  • Great video with very useful and true info. Full-timing is in our future and selling 40 years of stuff and selling the house is our biggest stumbling block. So glad to hear your solution. Looking forward to more great and true videos.

  • Thanks for the inspiration! So glad your kids were supportive! We are in the downsizing phase now and getting the house ready to sell. Just subbed to your channel and looking forward to following your journey!

  • Great video. I appreciate you guys keeping it real. I have been contemplating about what to do about getting rid of my "stuff" and the thought of a yard sale has not been appealing. You have cemented my thought with this video. I think I am going to systematically start taking my "stuff" to the Habitat Restore to get rid of it. I don't know if full time RVing is in my future but I am going to try it out in your great state this winter. Even if I don't end up full timing, I am going to downsize in the near future. Thank you for this great video and I love your channel.