Packing heat while RVing [RVlog #27]

Packing heat while RVing [RVlog #27]
We are in Pocatello, ID and RV camping at the Bannock County Fairgrounds and taking an Uber into town. Upon returning, I jump on the ATV and find a National …

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  • I don't agree with racking your shotgun to scare someone, if things have reached a point to where you're scared enough to pick up a gun there shouldn't be anything but a deafining blast and then you rack it…

  • Yup, a universal sound!! My dad used to travel from N. Calif. to Anchorage twice every spring/summer for work. One spring going North he had pulled over on a wide spot on the Alcan to sleep the night. We woke up to the sound of a vehicle pulling just in front of his camper and stopping. He heard footsteps and the sound of the drivers side door latch being messed with. He, very loudly, ejected a round into the chamber of he pump 12 ga. and then heard steps very rapidly going back to the vehicle and the vehicle leaving in a cloud of dust and gravel. So, there ya go.

  • Just a quick PSA for everyone. Don't listen to people who say "oh just cycle the weapon and that should scare them off." They have never had to defend their home (or anything else) with a weapon and have no idea what they're talking about. There are tons of cases where people done exactly that and their homes were broken into any way. The only/last thing the bad guy should hear is the sound of the blast when you blow his face through the back of his skull. Do not risk your life or anyone else's for dumb intimidation tricks. Anyone that has been in that kind of situation knows those few seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

    Other than that. Loved the video. 🙂

  • Unfortunately, to drive to Alaska, you have to go through Canada.. If I can't bring my lever rifle, forget it.. It's not worth it to me.. I'm not buying new guns just for the trip..

  • I already subscribe and think you guys are awesome…. But this video made me love you guys! That's been a slight concern of mine as I plan my travels.. I'm not going to leave all my guns at home and I'm not going to places that are super anti anyway… But I appreciate hearing that you guys carry (being Alaskan this isn't a surprise) and keep a couple long guns with you. Alaska is on my short list of favorite states for many reasons lol

    Keep calm and carry on right?

  • OMG he doesn't know what a TANK is. You don't recognize a tank you don't need a weapon. PS it is a weapon not gun uuuuggghhh. That giant tube on that tank is a gun. A Howitzer is a gun. Naval ships(not boats) have guns. A pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle are weapons.

  • Often wondered how Road Nomads handle firearms, traveling from one 'State-of-Insanity' (those who are extremely restrictive on our 2nd Amendment, 'Shall not be infringed' Right to bear arms), to 'States-that-follow-our-Constitution/Bill of Rights'.

    Amen on keeping a round in the chamber, ready to use at a FLICK of the safety. Anything less is giving the bad guy(s) more of the advantage, and why do that?

  • I personally would not advertise that I have guns in my rig, especially rifles since you can't really walk around and go sight-seeing with them concealed. So, if bad people see you sight-seeing and know your rig, they know what you carry on-board. Bam, break-in and theft guaranteed. Stay safe!

  • The dog is having trouble with the heat and you're wearing a jacket?
    I went on an extended trip last summer and crossed back and forth across the US/Canadian border several times carrying a 12 ga. shotgun. No problems at all until the final crossing back into the US at Seattle. A smart ass border patrol officer was concerned that I may have broken a Canadian law and detained me for a couple of hours, something about the ammuniton being in the same compartment as the shotgun. The Canadians inspected my truck and knew the ammo was there. He didn't care that I had the proper documentation from the Canadians and that I was breaking no US laws. He finally had to give up and let me go. I would hope hat he's as vigilant with our laws as he is with the laws of another country. Actually I hope not, he had no idea what he was talking about when it came to the Canadian law.

  • uber drivers are tax cheats. they are unregulated unlicensed taxi drivers. please do not get into any accident (aka hurt) while in there auto as non commercial insurance will decline your clame.

  • I own 1 gun…a 12 gauge pump. I have hunted deer, pheasant, grouse, duck, geese and turkey. There is something very unique about the sound of a 12 gauge pump when you chamber a shell, that most people with any sense will avoid confrontation.

  • This is good information as far as it goes. What you might consider is talk about the states that do have laws both for and against carry. Even though some allow they have differences that are critical.

  • I have a Tennessee conceal carry permit and pack heat 90% of the time. However I have to thumbs down, I don't think your viewers appreciate secrets, that diddy at the end should have been edited out, that was rude.