Paradise Found in Los Barriles Mexico | RVing Baja MX Part 5

Paradise Found in Los Barriles Mexico | RVing Baja MX Part 5
Class A Motorhome RV Living: Season 4 EP006 Feb 11-15 , 2019 Get more of our stuff at In this episode, we get settled …

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  • Did the hummingbird pop out of that amazing beard? Hahaha What a beautiful view out your front window. Great video guys. Cheers!!!

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  • We bought a gimble before our Colorado trip last year. It worked great till someone at Billy the Kids grave site possessed it. It started making horrible sounds you could hear in the mc. That was a pretty sweet site!!! Great view.

  • Wow, what a gorgeous place and well-captured by you all. Thank you for this glimpse into beautiful Mexico. BTW, I gotta say Paul, your pronunciation was killin me 😋 Try to distinguish between Las and Los a tad more. Instead of LAs Vegas, it is LOs Barriles. Just the shape of the mouth is slightly different. Alright, enough of that… Great job once again MHE!!

  • If you don't mind me asking, what are your weekly expenses for staying at the RV site, excursions, and eating out? Can you give a monthly estimate?  GREAT video!!! You just keep getting better and better!!! Thanks for taking us along!!!

  • Wonderful video of a beautiful location. Shame about the windless days when trying to do the kite thing. That kyack is a great add-on , especially since you have your own galley oars-person!

  • It must be a lot easier that Lorena is from Mexico and speaks the language. My mom spoke Spanish and it was cool when we used to drive across the border when I was a kid

  • In the beginning of this video we’re wearing a white and light coloured shirt. Paul u look younger and great in light shirts so get rid of your dark ones and were more light colours. Mommy say so

  • But I’m telling u for your own good. U look so viberant in light colours. U must listen to mom. Try light blues. For a change. I want to be there with u all. I belong there I love the beach and sun

  • Hey guys I’m jealous do you know if there is any problems finding diesel in the area I would love to take that trip with my motorhome we live in Missouri that would be a great trip in January.

  • Paul, Wayne here. Sorry about Indio peeing on your kite. Lori and I decided to rescue him so we brought him to Canada! He doesn't pee on everything anymore. It was great meeting you and your bride. Maybe we''ll see you next year shredding the waves in Los Barriles?