Places To Camp When In Iowa


Aesthetically situated between the two grand rivers- River Missouri and Mississippi, Iowa is renowned among tourists its corn fields and museums. The scenic beauty of Iowa is the reason why it is home to thousands of RV Campgrounds as well. Check our 4 exclusive Places To Camp When In Iowa before beginning your RV trip.

Backbone State Park


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Established only a hundred years ago, Backbone State Park has 151 camping sites.


Having around 32 Campgrounds, Elkader is filled with hundreds of camping sites.It has River turkey running through it as well as forested hills and limestone buffs.



Shenandoah National Park

One busy city in Iowa, Shenandoah is filled with spectacular gardens and many museums. As there are 4 campgrounds in the NP, Shenandoah National Park is a perfect camping destination for RVers.

These are some great places to Camp when in Iowa. The primary point to remember before RVing in Iowa is to prepare an itinerary so that you avoid the busy Iowan highways. With thousands of campgrounds all around the city, you will have no trouble finding campgrounds in Iowa.

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