To Buy a Portable Washing Machine Or Not?

A Portable Washing Machine that is designed exclusively for RVers is must-have gear for full-time RVers.

According to Fulltime RVing, this product in the picture is her “little toy”.

Portable Washing Machine


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To Buy a Portable Washing Machine Or Not?

Let us help you analyze some Pros and Cons when buying a Portable Washing Machine for your RV.


  • RV Money Saver Option: 

    Portable Washing Machine Money saver

  • Compact and Portable (Ideal):

    Portable Washing Machine

  • Elementary Instruction Manual
    Portable Washing Machine

  • Effortless Controls
    Portable Washing Machine

  • Sturdy Construction
    Sturdy Portable Washing Machine


  • No spinner: This is an electric Portable Washing Machine with an agitator and not a spinner. Here, take a look at it.
    Use a hand wringer if this a grave issue for you. 

Here, check out the whole video from theReignBeauHounds:


Check out more videos from the user here.


Do you have a mini portable washing machine? Share us your product in the comments below. 😀

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