Potato And Sausage | Backpack Camp Meal Recipe Cooking

Cooking simple ,easy and delicious chili meal recipe with potatoes, sausage, onion and chilli sauce on a camp fire. One classic FAVOURITE bushcraft recipe for cooking in the wilderness for backpacking ,camping, hiking ,biking .It is tasty and very satiating. Try it and you will see.

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  • Just waiting for mine to finish cooking ! Since my husband passed away I've lost interest in cooking but this simple meal with minimum ingredients and few items to wash up seems to be just the right thing for me. Thanks for your video.

  • I've really enjoyed all of your videos so far, but I had a couple of questions. Where can I get one of portable rectangle grills, and what type of sausage do you use? The sausage doesn't look like the typical stuff I see in grocery stores.

  • This meal is great when you go outdoors. Simply buy everything before going to the trip and cook. Simple cooking instructions and very fast to cook. Great content!

  • Taters n sausage is a family favorite. Par cook the potatoes in water then drain n finish with sausage so they develop a crust. Yummy. On camp outs we put everything in a foil pack. Something about simple rustic meals in the out doors that just can't be replicated indoors. Keep videos coming.