REI Family Camping: Easy Car Camping Meals

Come grocery shopping with us for some great camping menu tips.

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  • Making chili and spaghetti are greasy meals making more difficult cleanups and leaving behind greasy remains at camp faucet. Not really good choices for leave no trace.

  • A pack of dry meat, cans of tuna or whatever..good, spagettit and two cans or spagetti sauce (if your straded for an extra day or two spagettit total amount to eat can be enough for two more day or one more day ), cheese in squeeze out can, parmesan cheeze and packed sausage or pepperoni and tortillas or corn torillas or one bag of maizen powder or corn starch powder (that you can carry for a walking distance) and one can of it and packages of fruit sugar flavors to make a picture of a kind of drink by pouring one of those packages into a picture of water, you can add some peanuts "almonds< ground peanuts, pistachios or cashews peanuts or nut megs too or somekind of peanuts and fill a tray or container of them, and one bottle of water (if theres a river or during the time when it could rain who needs to bring more amount to carry of the water bottles), oregonos, parsleys, ..seeds, thymes etc amounts to fill small containers to have to add to soups or bowls of sauce juice or water sauce and meats like "beef and potatos" or Menudo"(if theres pig meat if what the meat people add to make menudo but the soup and etc is good ), take small packages or mole and for a two day dinner or breakfast to heat it up when it is made already then , one large bag of cereal and powder milk to make milk when you add water, bag of lemons or limes or dried apples or your choice and packages of noodles or cup of noodles and a large bag of rice and medium bag of beans to make and some pepper spices or chile choices and packages of dried shrimp to boil and to serve in a meal of soup or bowl of rice and peppers ( and with vegetables too), large can of corn and two kind of soy sauces, one or two kind of asian or mexican/asian sauces or chili sauces and teriyaki sauce too. And you can cook a box of hamburger meat till it turns mostly brown and and take it with you and put inside a material bag kind "Cold or Hot" bag insulator bag type or cooler bag it is called and a jar of mayones and open it only when your having the meal there (unless theres a snow or it is cold enough there to keep it fresh still for more day) and maybe four pineapples will be the choice to eat there and a large kind of fuit and it is kept outdoors sometimes (after getting it from the store)( and when it can last for days too) and for pineapple fruits "picese" to add to your meals ! And probably its better not to forget your breads or loaf of breads to and hamburger buns too and one largecontainer of cooking oil ! And your tooth brush and tooth-paste or mouthwash plastic container ! And medicine kind you using etc !

  • as much as it is to want ease of cooking and recipes for these trips like steak or great easy meals I'd like to see someone who knows good food like marinated pork chops or bbq ribs

  • Who was that person checking the customer out? Is this what was used to be called customer service? Plus, he did not have to bag his own groceries or get a wage for doing a cashiers job. Wow, History rocks!

  • When we have leftovers (or when I cook double) I freeze as "TV dinners" in individual portions. These can be great grab and go lunches and camping fair. Packed frozen with bottles of frozen water or juice as ice packs these are cheap meals we know we enjoy. Taco mince, Spag Bol mince, Roast meat and veg frozen in homemade gravy. πŸ™‚

  • quick tip, oatmeal + herbal or fruit tea is awesome, cheap and easy. Spiced Apple tea (Twinnings), made up than mixed hot with "instant" oats is one of my favourites. I use a large microwave style plastic cup with a lid. first I make up the tea with boiled water, leaving room for the oats. I take out the teabag, add the oats, stir and put the lid on. a few minutes later it is ready to eat. Dried fruit, cut small as well as nuts (basic trail mixes) added with the oats hydrate as and turn it into something wonderful πŸ™‚

  • Great video mate, im subbed and I hope you get a chance to check out my channel and mabey sub back if you like what you see, Cheers and keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  • all wrong the food he choose on video it's heavy it's easy breakable if you go camping and caring everything in your rucksack if you have sleeping bag tent gas cooker etc and you on mountain over 4000 meters every single milligram makes big difference

  • Hey! Have you ever tried – jujomarty family fat burning meals (do a google search)? Ive made some incredible dishes and my cousin got excellent results with it too.

  • I hate the question. It's almost like they are hiding stuff and want to find out if you can find it. Dude, I've had three beers and a bongload…No, I didn't find it. You win, grocery man.

  • I'd recommend a carton sauce (Pomi) or pouring the sauce in a bag rather than taking a glass jar into the woods. Too many camp sites are covered in broken glass.