Resolutions for the RV Owner


For some people, resolutions have to do with life goals, such as losing weight, making more money, etc. These resolutions are often forgotten about within the first couple of weeks of the new year, yet they reappear late each December as the start of a new calendar brings with it the hope for change. If you would like to set some goals for yourself in 2016, consider making them relevant to your RV experience.

2016 RV Resolutions
2016 RV Resolutions

So what kind of resolutions could be set by the RV owner? Consider the following options.


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Take More Trips

This one is obvious. Almost every RV owner would like to take more trips within the year, so start planning now on how to squeeze in more time pursuing one of your favorite hobbies. One way to take more trips during the year is to look for destinations which are closer to your home. It is hard to find the time to get away from work for very many long trips, but you just might be able to go out a few extra times by taking long weekends somewhere near where you live. Look for great campgrounds within a two or three hour drive of your house to enhance your RV experience in 2016.


Invite Friends


It is easy to fall into a ‘rut’ when it comes to RV ownership, taking the same trips time after time. To mix it up, consider inviting some of your friends out for a trip. Even if your friends aren’t normally RV travelers, you can show them a good time and maybe take them to some of your favorite destinations. When you go places that are important to you, it will likely be enjoyable to show your friends around and tell them about all of your great memories. Likewise, you could ask your friends to pick out the destinations while you provide the transportation in the way of an RV.

Keep It Clean

One of the biggest problems faced by RV owners is simply keeping their rig clean on a regular basis. It is easy to fall behind on the basic maintenance of your RV, which makes it more work to get the rig ready when you do wish to go on a trip. Get in a habit during 2016 of thoroughly cleaning your RV after you return home each time. That way, when you are ready to leave again, the RV will be clean and ready to roll. The process of cleaning up the RV never takes as long as you think, and you will also be protecting your investment for the long run.

The list above is just three ideas of how you can resolve to make 2016 your best RV year yet. What other items are on your to-do list when it comes to your RV life? Take a moment before the clock strikes midnight at the end of the year to write down your RV goals, and then do your best to hold yourself to them throughout the coming year.


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