Road Tripping Tips for the RV Owner

Inevitably, being an RV owner means spending plenty of time out on the open road. Where some people might look at driving as a chore that needs to be completed before the vacation can start, many RV owners come to enjoy their time on the road with family and friends. Driving to your destination offers you time to see various sights along the way, and to relax as you get away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life at home.

Make your road trips enjoyable with some simple advice.
Make your road trips enjoyable with some simple advice.

To help you better enjoy your time on the road, there are a few basic road trip tips listed below.

#1 – Don’t Overdo It

One of the quickest ways to make your drive miserable is to stay out on the road too long on a single day. As you are planning your route to your ultimate destination, keep your per-day mileage at a reasonable level so you don’t get worn out along the way. Remember, driving an RV is more work than driving a small sedan down the freeway, so you probably won’t want to cover as many miles as you would in a car. Break up your journey into comfortable chunks so that you can remain fresh throughout the trip.

#2 – Make Plenty of Short Stops

Breaking the drive up along the way by stopping for gas, food, or to use the restroom is necessary, but keep the stops short to avoid making your overall day significantly longer. Look for stops that are right along the freeway so you can get off and back on within a matter of minutes. Even just a five-minute stop to stretch your legs and use the restroom can rejuvenate you for the rest of the drive.

#3 – Check Weather Ahead of Time

This is a crucial point, and one that many people miss when preparing for a trip. Depending on where you are traveling, and what time of year it is, you may need to check weather conditions along the route. It isn’t good enough to simply check on the weather forecast for your destination, as there may be adverse conditions between your home and the destination you have in mind. Specifically, check mountain passes which could become snowy even when the surrounding lowlands are free and clear.

#4 – Relax

If you are driving 1,000 miles or more to reach your destination, it is inevitable that there will be a few other cars along the way which make you mad behind the wheel. Someone will cut you off without using their turn signal, and someone else will be going far too low for your liking. Instead of allowing these issues to get under your skin, simply ignore them and continue on your way safely. You should be enjoying your vacation in the RV, so it would be silly to allow bad drivers to ruin your time. As long as you are operating your RV safely and properly as you head down the road, let the other drivers worry about themselves.


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