RV Accessory Essentials | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

RV Accessory Essentials | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips
http://PetesRV.com RV Lifestyle Consultant Chad Shepard and Senior Walkthrough Technician Ed Cormier provide guidance to new RV buyers on camper …

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  • I was ready to sell my new, series 179 until i viewed your video. You gave me hope that i can do this myself!
    Thank you both for this excellent overview of what it takes to enjoy camping in an Rpod!!

  • ..i currently have a 6×10 haulmark transport cargo trailer.reg says 2990 gvwr. it has 205/75d14 tires on it.,,,,,my problem is my garage door opening is 84 " high .but the trailer measure aprox 86 1/2 inches high. i was able to get it into my garage just barley by flattening the tire. but makes it very unpractical to use having to re-inflate and deflate with every use. have to keep it garaged due to HOA rules i'm thinking of changing the rims and tires from the 14 inch to a 12 inch in the homes of gaing the clearance i need to pull it in and out without messing with the tire inflation…… but can my trailer run safely on a 12 inch tire with a d rating ? also will the 12 inch give me the additional aprox i need to clear the garage height ?…….any thoughts or recommendations?

  • YouTube does not allow you to put outside links into videos. Check out the description and you'll find a link for all of Ed's recommendations that lands on our online parts store page. There's even a coupon code for first-time customers 🙂

  • Is it worth the risk of using non-RV safe TP for the sake of a few cents? And are YOU willing to guarantee that the toilet paper YOU recommend won't void any manufacturers warranties? The people who typically say 'I guarantee it'll work' are the first one's to say 'it's not my fault' when something fails.

  • Point well taken. When instructing our customers, we also keep in mind manufacturer recommendations. It's always a possibility that they could contend a warranty claim on a plumbing issue because the owner was using non-recommended TP.

  • Good point on those comments regarding the lack of a second mic. Shortly after this shoot, we stepped up to a dual-microphone setup for all videos. If there were specific comments or suggestions Ed made that you could not hear, please let us know and we'll provide dialogue.

  • Sorry to disagree about toilet paper, but you can safely use many different brands of ordinary toilet paper in an RV. Even 2-ply is fine… as long as you test if first. We've been full-timing for over 9 years, and wouldn't waste our money on the inferior, overpriced toilet paper they sell in the camping aisle. Check out our short video, which was featured in today's RVtravel.com newsletter, to see how simple it is to test any brand of toilet paper to know if it's RV-safe.

  • I always enjoy and look forward to your videos … Pete's RV really "Rocks" the RV world .. nice job people! ☺

    PS .. give Ed a microphone next time …he's knowledge is invaluable!