RV Across America: The Reality Check of Just 24 hours of Expenses

RV Across America: The Reality Check of Money and Costs. It’s NEVER as cheap as you think when you travel across the United States in your motor home, trailer or RV. There are so many expenses: fuel, insurance, RV parks, State and Federal park fees, food, towing, repairs…AND THEN comes money for fun last!

Here is my typical costs for 24 hours for one of the legs of my trip in my Adventurer Class C RV from western Washington to northern Idaho. And we did not include the costs of other food, toiletries and other incidentals!

I like to chop my trips into 300-400 mile legs to keep things relaxed.

SO NEVER BE FOOLED: you need more cash then you think. And you need travel medical insurance, proper RV insurance, and money for recreation and repairs.

RV travel is never as sugar sweet and cheap as some folks will tell you…

Keep your wheels on the ground! See y’all on the road….

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  • Some fun some boring life, is normal for most, wondering where your next dollar is comming from hopefully not. You have to live within your means, I live in base camp for almost nothing. On the road way more expensive

  • I've said before I enjoy watching them, but please, they could at least try to keep it real. We have to save up just to drive 3 hours and camp on a relative's land for a mini vacation. We camp pretty cheap, but not that cheap. It takes a decent amount for the two of us, 3 dogs and a cat to be arranged for, and a little wam if we drive into town for a meal or a little entertainment.
    Wouldn't mind the luxury of a class B every now and then, maybe we should rent one next year and do a week or two. Ha, now I'll really have to save up.

  • Maybe in 25 or 30 years electric cars will be a reality and we can be driving down the highway
    in our electric class A, B or C, 5th wheel, etc and the vehicle powercell will be charged by our
    rooftop solar panels? No need for gas or diesel.

  • Yeah, if you drive a class A, your total costs are probably pretty close to $1 a mile if you include everything. For example, at 8 MPG, which is actually decent diesel pusher milage, if I drive 240 miles in a day, that's 30 gallons, at 3.50 per gallon that's 105 dollars just for fuel. Let alone any wear and tear, depreciation or maintenance costs. So, the trick is, travel to places you can use as a home base and stay for longer periods inexpensively. You can minimize your travel expenses and use the savings for the fun part. But, you're 100% right, living is living and it costs. Thanks for the video!

  • Great video, sometimes people need a wake up call, my husband and I have been planning for years, I've waited for him to retire , now he's retired now we will travel a little at a time, just as we did while we worked. It's funny, but in order to travel anywhere, one needs money, it's a vicious circle

  • I'd rather be in the woods twiddling my thumbs than go anywhere where there's crowds of people and waiting in line and society's bullshit! A hike in the woods, a float down the river and paddle around a lake would be much better than going into a city

  • Even boondocking in the desert costs $$, fuel for geny, propane, water and dump fees, groceries, pet food and let's not forget alcohol 🍸 if you're going to sit and do nothing you will surely need that! No one rides for free.
    Cheers! Dave

  • This video should be mandatory viewing for anyone considering rv life. Wow,, your gas alone is one hefty expense. I'm in an apartment outside of NYC and agree with you that you do need WAM regardless of where and how you live. The old saying "the best things in life are free" isn't entirely true, at least not for me.

  • we where trying to get everything ready to go fulltime for spring..getting house ready to sell and whatnot…and just basically realized if we stayed one more year we can pay off that much more on house and other personal things and not kill ourselves trying to finish 20 years of renos in 6months lol…plus we want to be able to do things once we go full time so we are putting off another year ourselves…it kinda sucks in a way but when the time is right it will be that much better
    Safe travels

  • 1/2 tank on mine is $75-100, and 1/2 tank gets me about 200 miles. It gets 8-10 mpg. So that's the answer to "why aren't you spending the summer in Alaska?" Also, why I don't drive back east, not only gas, but no free BLM and RV parks are expensive. Same goes for much of the Pacific coast.

  • Thanks for the video. I hope it gets some of these apartment dwellers. Off the road. People that own homes already know RV’s cost money. It’s the people that rent that are bent. Because they don’t have enough money or can’t manage money in the first place. Then they hit the road and go broke and messed everything up for us real RV folk. If you ever head to the East Coast about midway where the four seasons are it sure as hell ain’t free but it’s not too expensive. And no old birds flying around out here. And in the next 3 / 4 weeks beautiful Colors will appear as I sip whiskey and chase it with beer. Got To love RVing. V- 10 banks powered Ford 36 feet of gas sucking money flushing sweetness.
    Hell yes. Be safe my friend. Enjoy the ride.
    Peace out.

  • Even the old Mountain men came into town from time to time but if you are one of THOSE RV-ERS will just start a Patreon account and hope that everyone will pay for us. Now just what I want to do is travel and pay into pretty much nothing and when I turn 50 I realise that I have to go to work for the next 40 years to try and get by doing some menial job that pays pretty much nothing because I have no experience at anything and so I die a lonely old miserable person at the age of 90 I think I would want to question what I am doing what do ya think.

  • Thanks for actually saying it as it is ! It baffles me watching "The Bob" and tells people that live in houses that we are really not living!! LMAO to that one ! I enjoy camping ,but I also like to come home , adding everything up ..like you just did .. that's the truth, people just don't want to hear it , I wouldn't want to just sit in that desert either, I wonder about the dogs people have don't they ever come across the snakes or scorpions?? Thanks for being real..safe travels