RV “Boondocking” & WATER – How to Stretch It Out

RV “Boondocking” & WATER – How to Stretch It Out
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  • I am a full timer by myself. Saving water is important when boondocking. I am older so usually defecate once a day. Flushing a toilet would use a lot of my fresh water. So my solution. If I urinate in the evening instead of doing it outside as usual I use the toilet and leave the urine in the bowl (it is just water) I may or may not urinate during the night but usually urinate in the morning so the bowl now has a fair amount of liquid in it. Under the best of circumstances I have managed to flush the result down and since I use a hose with a garden sprayer with tip to wash the bowl clean I have used as little as about a half cup of fresh water for the morning flush.
    I like skillet breakfasts. So I boil my half cooked potatoes. I save the water. Cook my meal then use the potato water which is usually still pretty warm to wash the frying pan, dish and silverware.

  • We try to use biodegradable soap (e.g. Pure-Castile Liquid Soap) so disposal impacts are minimized. Also use Reliance Products Double Doodie Plus Large Toilet Waste Bags (6-Pack) from Walmart for the solid waste which helps minimize water needed to flush. Get video. thanks.

  • One other thing I got from another video to save water, get a gym membership with a nationwide chain that allows entry into all gyms and use them for showers. Of course you can't do that if you're boondocking 50 miles out in the woods.

  • I have tons of friends who are backpackers. I live in Peru and host Couch Surfers. One friend carries extra large wet wipes. He uses them for "bathing" in between being able to use a real shower. He uses one for his face and body then one for the southern regions. By doing that you should be able to stretch your water usage.

  • Hi folks, We are new to rv'ing and would like to know…Does your water pump need to be switched on when connected to a pressurized water source or should it be switched off?
    Thanks much!

  • I got this tip from watching another Youtube video on boondocking. If you coat your plate with Glad Press 'n Seal you can just peel it off and throw it away, instead of having to wash the dish.

  • i use liter bottles painted flat black , one lid with holes . This is a shower hand held. The Sun will heat the bottles . Be careful as it will get very hot. these a bottles can be carried in a behind the cab tool box. The load becomes less as you use the water.

  • I see no problem in using paper plates. I have a brother that retired from a major lumber company. They would plant 3 trees for every 1 they cut. We will be using them too.

  • Thank for your info on the rv life…my wife and I are considering doing this and we are looking and gathering all the info we can. I'm a retired ups driver. We would want to do a little supplementing towards our income also. We will be watching more of your videos in the meantime….thanks

  • We use paper plates but regular silverware. We clean it with a biodegradable paper towel, using a spray bottle of half and half ammonia and water. The same thing works great for cleaning our pots and pans.

  • Hi, I have learned much from all of you r videos. I have a question about how you secure your Yamaha generator to your vehicle. I recently bought a Yamaha 3000 generator and don't want to see it disappear. Also, how to you keep it from rolling around in the bed part of your truck. I have noticed bunge cords on your generator. How well do they actually work holding a 150 lb generator in place. Thanks again for all your wonderful insights into RV camping. Paul

  • Another great vid, thanks! Brita water pitchers don't need to be stored in the fridge. You can transfer the water into any container that fits in your fridge. I would also choose paper plates that are compostable.