RV Catches on Fire AND Starts Rolling Down the Road!

Wow! So glad everyone made it out safe! Watch the video below:

That happened .Halfway through the video the RV rolled straight towards me

Posted by Rizwan Kadri on Friday, September 18, 2015

“Owner Joseph Salce says he lived in that RV with his girlfriend.

“We were just driving along and all of a sudden smoke started rolling out of the back of the motor home,” Salce recalled. “I pulled over, thank God we were able to get everything out.”

It happened on a busy stretch of road and Pocono Mountain Volunteer Fire Company’s assistant chief just happened to be driving by. He watched it unfold, too, not able to do much without his fellow volunteers.

“There were bystanders with fire extinguishers attempting to extinguish it. They did everything they could with everything they had,” said Assistant Chief Logan Evans.”

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