RV Cats – Cause People Have Been Askin

RV Cats – Cause People Have Been Askin

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Wander Dano

  • "Let's all wake up and start Lickin'." HaHaHa! Dano! I keep forgetting to say that when I see all Your Yankees Stuff, I always start singing "Meet the Mets!" HaHaHa, again. Cheers! Thumbs Up!

  • I love the videos with the cats! They are such an inspiration to me as I have 2 cats of my own (that don't always get along but we're working on that) and I really want to RV full time. It's great seeing a single person kicking it with their 2 cats in an RV/van, and showing that it IS possible if you work for it 🙂

  • Vinny's mouth condition may be feline acne. Our old cat developed this occasionally from food particles left over from chowing down. We cleared it by dampening and wiping the affected area with a very small amount of anti-bacterial liquid soap on a very wet washcloth making sure to wipe off all of the soap with another wet cloth after gently rubbing the area. Cleared it up after a few days.

    Good luck.

  • Love those cats ,both are good for you and are always real characters .
    Look on the bright side they keep you amused ,not sane or normal,but life isn't boring 😊

  • Dan: vinny….you're mentally irregular…Vinny: sticks his tongue out .OMG! You guys had me cracking up through this whole video! Thanks for sharing!