RV Cats – Many Like & Request Cat Videos.. Others – FAIR WARNING

RV Cats – Many Like & Request Cat Videos.. Others – FAIR WARNING

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Wander Dano

  • I had a simese was my exwifes catΒ after she told me she wanted a divorce the cat attacked her feetΒ  and started biting her everytime she saw her needless to say the smart cat went with me lol true story and they say they don't understand bull

  • thank you for sharing your cat videos.people love videos like this because they are cat lovers :-)plus cat's can be fun to watch.if you really wanna be entertained by a cat give it some catnip!IT'S HILARIOUS!:-)

  • Ok so who's the crazy one…. the one scratching or the one going back and getting scratched more….u both CRAZY lmao πŸ™‚
    ps possibly wear a glove…..hmmm

  • And that is what I call the Gopher game with my cat.. lmao… and you little B*&#$ are the exact words of the game as well…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… love it!!!!

  • Wow beautiful kitty cats. Maybe Vinnie needs a "kicky toy"… I got my kitties a couple and it saved my arms from getting scratched up… When they start to grab a hold of your arm just give them the kicky toy and they will go to town on it… I got mine cheap at walmart… looks like a big furry "arm" with a tail on it. Love your videos. I am losing my house with 4 kitties so I'm thinking of getting a van too. I cannot bear the thought of losing them. It's so good to finally see someone with more than 1 kitty in a van to give me some good ideas. Luckily mine all grew up together and get along good but we shall see.

  • Hahahaha!! Absolutely adorable video! The way Vinny gets them back feet going is tooooo funny! Reminds me of a rabbit when they are trying to get away hahaha! Keike is quite the lil tease! Haha! She's so pretty! πŸ™‚

  • I had a black n white male cat much like Vin. I wrapped my arm and hand in a towel so he could "fight me". I couldn't take the abuse without the towel! They both are a hoot!