RV Cats – Requested Vid ~ Cat Tent & CAT WARNING

RV Cats – Requested Vid ~ Cat Tent & CAT WARNING

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Wander Dano

  • The tent is not expensive. I love Keiki and Vinnie, give them a hug and kisses from me. Most cats don't like a collar, but perhaps they can manage a harness. It takes a while but eventually they adjust.

  • Love your cats. we're going to be traveling with our five wildcats lol as well and we have a huge collapsible tube they can walk and roll about in outside but still remain contained. Looks like your two love being outside as well !

  • As always the furballs are good, although I have to feel sorry for Vinny having to eat his dinner next to your feet 🙂 And for the record they keep you sane,sort of, ie you is the crazy one .
    Anyway have fun and stay safe 🙂

  • Kiki kisses for her fans! 😘
    She sounds just like the kitty we had to say goodbye to last week. 😢 I think that’s why I enjoy watching these videos so much. ❤️

  • I have been thinking about this but have 2 cats. Was not sure how this would work out. Life in a small space is one thing for a dog because they can go for walks and leave the van, but cats not so much. Plus, when they get that build up of energy there is nowhere for them to let it loose.

  • Nice. I'm rigging up a quick portable lightweight fence. 7.5ft tall deer plastic mesh fence. Rap it around 4 cemented poles. The poles slip in the cement base. I was thinking about 60ft x 30ft. If your cat is the escape artist then place long thin poles at the bottom of fence to prevent them from crawling underneath. Some young cats might be able to jump 7.5ft high, but they won't try it because the fence is very flimsy.