RV Leaking Already? 2″ Snowstorm? Sleeping Issues

RV Leaking Already? 2″ Snowstorm? Sleeping Issues
Is my rv LEAKING water already? Or is it just condensation? Can 2 inches be considered a snowstorm in Georgia? Winter weather advisory. And having the …

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  • Put in a small wood stove, I've winter camped for years in a truck camper. Wood is free and condensation is eliminated and the best part cooking breakfast in the morning on your wood stove

  • Shopping list: ever heard of? sleeping bags (you & Sober) thermals, heat pods for feet, scarf, earmuffs, winter jacket, plastic cover for camera, insulated curtains & condensation bags for rv. yes it snows in Ga! keep warm & safe.

  • My 5th wheel has 2 skylights and 2 Maxx fans.  When it freezes up outside AND rains, both fan vents drip.  Hope nobody thumped your ears…Where's your hat?  !

  • Do you have a regular sink? You could make a clay pot heater and set it in your sink once you get the temp up and turn the buddy off, then light the candle and that will give off enough heat to last a few more hours. Theres really no danger if you have it in a stainless sink and under the clay pot.

  • I heard several people talk aboit preventing condensation by running a dehumidifier. I don't know if that would solve the issue…you probably heard about this too. Best wishes with that

  • buy some cheap de humidifiers . you can get them at what you would call dollar stores. they will draw the damp and moisture into them and then once there used up you throw them out and replace with new ones . or buy a small electric de humidifier , you will be surprised how much moisture you will pull out of the air . good luck . great dog by the way .

  • Un-vented gas heaters are deadly to your health. You are breathing carbon monoxide. Too much, and you don't wake up in the morning. Even small amounts is very detrimental to your health. It causes cancer. Gas heaters also put out water vapor, so, in a small space you can actually have 'rain' dripping off the ceiling and vents. This is not good for you or your dog and not good for your camper either. You need another safer type heat source.