RV Life: Kumar’s litterbox solution

RV Life: Kumar’s litterbox solution
She’s one happy kitty, but I had to figure out a better solution than just shoving the litterbox behind the passenger seat. This way it’s private, odour-free and easily …

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  • Awwwh, what a sweetheart! Kumar is doing what we call "making bisquits" with her paws (because of the kneading like motion with the paws). Read somewhere it indicates both contentment & possibly too early of a separation from Momma. Looking forward to your new partner in high jinx 😉

  • if you fasten a stiff bristle type brush around the edge of her litter box door hole as she climbs thru it will brush her :*D & all you have to do is shop vac the brush bristles to get the hair…easy peasy :*D

  • Kitties can see better than us in limited light, but not in total darkness. Perhaps a small light inside would be good, especially with the car door blocking light from getting in. Hope the litter box and food are separated…

  • May I suggest, and i f you said any of this and i missed it, I apologize: 1-If it fits, possibly a covered litter box so no litter gets kicked out of the box and into the rest of that compartment? 2-Not just a vent, but, maybe put a very low voltage, slow moving, exhaust fan on the vent going out, like a fan from the back of a computer case? 3- Use this kind of water dish… http://goo.gl/WhKREl – on Amazon. I use it on the truck for my dog, works really great.
    Great stuff my friend, keep it up!!!

  • Excellent solution – I'm having the same issue with finding the right spot to locate my cat's kitty litter so that it doesn't stink up the whole camper !

  • You're the best, Justin! For adopting Kumar. Love your litter box solution. Just a thought, though, very often kitties don't like to have their food/ water next to their litter box. This may not be the case with Kumar, but if you notice destructive behavior beginning, that could be the cause. Keep on purring in the free world…. 😺

  • Hey, Justin! I am back! I can not believe what an awesome solution this is. It's brilliant because cats also love spaces like that. Mine used to go into boxes all the time. Man, I need to make an update video. I have been moving and selling my house/buying a house.

  • Very cool idea with the kitty litter and her food=water. I like her name, btw. Kumar is a nice name. I had a Calico named, 'Freebie'. Saved her from a shelter when she was a youngster…and there was no charge 'cause she was getting ready for kitty heaven. Just in the nick of time! So that's my contribution…'Freebie'.

  • Oh, please don't make your cat eat and drink next to their litter box! Would you like to eat food that has been hanging out next to a toilet that hasn't been flushed in awhile? That's just gross.

  • Quick kitty tip: Kitties like their water kept separate from their food. It goes to natural cat instinct that they're "kill" (food) won't contaminate their water when kept separate. In the long run, it helps keep them from having kidney problems because they're drinking more water. I moved my cat's water away from his food, and he drinks way more of it. 😺