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Pippi Peterson

  • I don't own an rv. But, in the past, I have helped some relatives renovate an rv and have been rving with them. It was very enjoyable. I hope to get be able to get an rv or houseboat some time, God willing.

  • My MOM use to have a rv she hasbeen watching your videos, she thinks there great now she wants me to buy an rv and travel with her, oh boy that should be great, look what you started lol, no seriously the videos are great, they only thing although I don't mind traveling with my MOM, she has done so much for me and them some, Im not a MOMAs boy, dearly it is very difficult to find the special one what would they say, you know what I don't care you only have one MOM lol keep up the good work missionms6@gmail.com waiting to beam up to my rv thanks go inspiration I live in good traveling weather all year

    oh what size screen do you have

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  • I registered at your website and i have a masters in computer science I just wanted to let you know that your website is not that user friendly. You might want to check out wix.com they have a very easy ans simple site on creating blogs. I love your videos keep them coming

  • Greetings Godess, in post where you give us a tour of Rhea, you talk about the water pressure being low in the shower. You may already be aware of this, but in the post from "The Loloho Show" here on youtube, in the post where they talk water conservation, they mention a shower head that conserves water and also increases the pressure. I hope this helps. Pleasent travels! 

  • Hi Again
    I'm a trucker
    In my rig I don't have a generator All I have is a cigar lighter but I don't want to use my batties could I put a solar system on a big rig for power and if so how do I do that?

  • Pippi, thanks for taking the time and effort to bring to us the helpful tips that you offer. I enjoy looking at your informative videos. Thanks for doing this for the RV Community!!

  • Merry Christmas to all of you RV'ers !
    Pippi, you seem like the beautiful young American ladies I remember from years ago.
    Your positive attitude shows thru and your class is something that is sadly missing throughout America these days !
    God Bless you and I hope you are rewarded for your efferts !

  • quite the young entrepreneur if you charged 5 to 10 bucks for a yearly membership you would be rolling in 40 ft diesel beast in no time you rock!!!

  • How about some suggested topics? I'm a full-timer, too, and would like to know about your videoing. What do you use for your camera and software (editing), uploading, editing tips, resolutions, etc.  I recently got a GoPro – if you have one can you post some tips. Also tips on uploading (compression?).

    You're doing a great job and love the forum…keep it up.

  • Well my thoughts were with cooking in an RV the first thing you usually run out of is space. Also there is not usually a lot of room for storing frozen foods to cook with,
    I also have a picture some where of a stackable rack and a hanging basket that I used to store my fresh fruits had veggies for cooking. Since the refridgerator seems to be the first thing that is out of space. Can we post picts to the forum?

  • Well the forum looks like it is up and running. Also going well.
    I know you have been busy putting up the website but I am missing your beautiful face up on the videos. You are so up beat and positive about life etc. It's great to see you up on videos.
    I have a suggestion for the forum – Quick RV cooking recipes-
    Catering to the lack of space and limited cooking abilities. Smaller pots etc.
    Like one dish meals – using slow cookers- other ways to cook in an RV.
    I personally cook all the time and love making meals that are healthy and that don't make a big mess. I don't believe that someone should compromise their healthy cooking just because they are in an RV and don't have a large kitchen.
    I am doing research for a channel that will cover a large fan base for cooking. Even using ways to reserve energy while cooking a meal. Peppering your own food , there will some vids on canning your meals. Please tell me what u think giving your opinion.
    I have done some research on what is done to our food when you are buying prepared food like canned veggies. The whole corn is actually bleached ! Just one reason we should all be trying to prepare as many of our own meals as possible.

  • Great idea, Pippi, and I also like your very positive attitude, and the fact that you are a single female like me – you're awesome!! No idea how someone could give this video a thumbs down unless they are completely clueless!! 

  • Pippi, I mailed you back some info, did you get it?. Also I posted the special transmission oil pan cooler with the air tubes if you seen it let me know.

  • Is there really an RV dating web site???  Gee, I would consider dating someone if they had their own RV to go to after I spent time with them in my RV…LOL!

  • Hey pippi I signed up on you new site, I cant figure out how to post pictures on your renovation page I'm retarded on posting pictures using link language, complicated from Android.