Rv Living Vlog: Ventura, Boondocking Tips & Laundry

Rv Living Vlog: Ventura, Boondocking Tips & Laundry
This particular video I head into Venture to do alittle laundry and talk about how I find my boondocking spots …This is Pandamonium my journey across America …

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  1. I've waited for housing for 8 years and still have got and I don't why they want us to do leave in the street bull we need what ever shelter we can I just upgraded my rig there's to many people and we have to do what we have to with dignity

  2. Hello, really enjoy your videos. It is time to contribute to your time and affords. However i wonder how much of it would you really get when i do? Maybe you can expound on that subject on your next video or shoot me an email. Keep it up, take care & please be safe, hugs for Moo Moo.

  3. Babygirl i know you know that a lot of creepy guys see beautiful girls like you and they will do harm to them…i bet your mom is upset that your on the road alone and it's dangerous. Please be careful and keep a bat by the door ok

  4. I agree 100% that you DON'T have to be stealthy or go out of your way to hide that your a camper. Sneaky minded people do and those who break rules on a regular because they think rules shouldn't or don't apply to them are the kinds of people who want to be stealthy. They are only fooling themselves. If your not doing anything wrong then you don't have to be stealthy at all, ever. Just read the signs, park where your allowed in plain sight and not where it's restricted. It's really that freaking simple but stealthy campers have a need to go areound hiding and being paranoid where Pandamonium doesn't. Whatever!

  5. Hello there, what's the scoop on overnight parking in SoCal? I've heard that it's now banned (sounds absurd).
    I was there 4 years ago & there were a lot of neighborhood association meetings about campers. Has all that completely dried up now? There were a cupla sweet spots near industrial zones where you just had to move it once a week for street sweepers.

  6. A little tip that helps a lot: most laundries will take $10-12 per load to not only DO the clothes while you're elsewhere, but will fold/hang them all too! This drop-off service makes like SO much nicer!

    It was one of the things that made a huge difference. Like getting the main curtain installed or getting satellite TV and watching my hometown channels, in Chicago.

  7. Hi beautiful Panda soul! I have 2 questions if you don't mind: 1. if you were parked in a no-parking area (by accident or for whatever reason) what happens? Do the cops knock on the window, write you a ticket, tow you? and 2. I 've noticed lots of parks have "no overnight parking" signs. Do you see that often in your area? If/when you can stay there overnight do you feel safe doing so? (I'm thinking they are not too well lit.) Thank you. Give Moo Moo a big bear hug from me!!

  8. Thanks for the boondocking tips and agree with other viewers that being open and visible is less likely to worry people. Not their fault, the powers that shouldn't be like to keep people suspicious and fearful. Just my 2 cents.

  9. RVDEB's small dog Lilly and my small dog Coco do the same thing with their food.  Smell it and walk away and if I don't put it up on the cabinet my other dog will eat her food and Coco's too.  Deb sometimes feeds Lilly with a spoon and my wife hand feeds Coco more often than not but if you leave them long enough without food they will eat on their own.  I think our dogs are just plain ole spoiled and pushing the limits to see what they can get away with.

  10. I would think you would get less harassed sitting in the front seat because people aren't too sure weather you just arrived or your just about to go, thus possibly making them think  "oh she's about to go anytime now",… Cheers =D

  11. You have mentioned it often, that you warm up your engines and I can't stay silent any longer.  FYI,  You should know that that is very much old school, very old school.  The engine oils and engine designs today eliminate that old time need.  In warm temperatures and even cold,  like where you have been pretty much your whole trip,  anything longer that 30 seconds ( to let the oil get to all the engine parts)  is doing nothing more that burning gas$$ and polluting unnecessarily.   Please don't take my word, do your own google searches and find all the experts say the same thing… Like in this article,  https://ca.autos.yahoo.com/blogs/green/8-facts-myths-wearming-car-winter-201000465.html    CheersPS.   now anytime you do that you should feel guilty for the unnecessary pollution and pissing your money away.  😉


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