RV Living with Pippi Peterson

RV Living with Pippi Peterson
I’m Pippi Peterson. Welcome to my YouTube channel about RV living, RV renovations, RV maintenance and other Pippenings. Along with posting questions, …

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  1. I loved your videos and your work
    You work like a man and fierce now there is no more left
    That to travel of my side to buy an old pace arrow of the year 1983
    diesel in france jais all has to remake interieur to revise the engine
    and box is autos are english which have settled in france and too old to
    roll it me brader it for not expensive but I'm happy as I travel a lot
    in europe for my I am a pineplane welder
    I always keep watching your videos that I would most like to roll in
    america with a big campsite if you can put me a couple of videos on the
    road with country music
    thank you

  2. Thanks for making these! I just recently got my first travel trailer which is my first home. I'm working and living out of it and it's been helpful to watch your renovations! I hail from Oregon too 🙂

  3. Hi Pippi and other Bounder Owners out there.

    I successfully put my elbow through the exterior shower roof light panel yesterday.
    (Sarcastic Hooray !.)

    I live in the UK and my Model is exactly the same as Pippa's.

    Dose anyone know how I source a new one ?.

  4. Your RV knowledge is amazing does that come from your education or just the desire to do it yourself? Belly Dancing your way around the country sounds like great fun.

  5. Just keep being the " Pippi " we've all become to know and love. No need to fix perfection and something that isn't broken. Keep em coming girl and of course I'll be checking out your website! Cheers always,…

  6. Hey I swear I saw Rita Hayworth in this clip. 😉 PS I ended up having to sell my Bounder because it was too water damaged so I got a conversion van and a 28 ft travel trailer and heading to Montana. Keeping it simple.


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