RV maintenance–Caulking tail light~~~ReNewing plastic & rubber

RV maintenance–Caulking tail light~~~ReNewing plastic & rubber
Doing more maintenance on the RV, caulking the tail lights to prevent rot, renewing old plastic and rubber window seals. Quick tip on caulking cracks and gaps.

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  • Those inspections are a joke! I was telling someone at work about them today. I dont know what you pay for them now, but I remember everyone charged $6.50 back then and you were treated as either a waste of time or they tried to make stuff up. So we always went to the guy who is as fast a possible. I remember my first car, this one shop told me I needed a brake light assembly because it was cracked and wanted to charge me a couple hundred bucks. I told my dad and he went off on them and they passed it. But thats how they made money, they couldnt charge more than $6.50 so this place tried to get something out of ya. In Nevada, well the 2 largest counties in Nevada, we dont have safety inspections, but we have smog checks. You could be driving the biggest POS with taillights falling off, no horn whatever as long as it didnt pollute the air, its OK, and the shops can charge whatever they want, so it makes competition. It actually keeps the prices about the same. Or you get a PO Box in another county and you dont have to mess with it at all. Hope to see yall traveling soon!

  • Good video. These little touch ups and fixes really make a big difference on a RV. It makes the differenc between something looking worn vs. new. Shows pride of ownership. Glad you take the time and effort to do that. Take care!

  • nice work it never dawn on me to push the caulkin than to pull it i always pulled it……….. omg that didnt sound rite at all lmao. now wth that said that turtle wax stuff is it wax ? it really made a diff

  • Monty is looking good Jason, the caulking and the Turtle Wax on the moldings came out great. Although I’ve cheating on the rubber molding, I used what I had on hand…..tire shine on a rag. πŸ™‚ Good Stuff!

  • When we came Home from Bike Week, We drove by a Coach for sell in a Guys front yard. It was the same as yours, Color, stripes and everything. I look at Jules and said, Is it the Kelly's ? It wasn't as nice as your guys .