RV maintenance: Dead speaker. What to do.

RV maintenance: Dead speaker. What to do.
Dead speakers suck. Especially when they are on the drivers side (and your the driver). Trouble shooting them is easy with the proper tools and patience.

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Xplorer Steve DIY

  • What I would give to have the money to own all the Great Stuff you have but I don't but one thing I can learn is to do this stuff you do myself and you inspire me. So Thanks and Great Video. 🙂

  • I was surprised to see name brand speakers in there from the factory. Almost every car I've owned has had cheap paper cone crap speakers in them from the factory.

  • I agree Steve, dead speakers suck! Glad to see that you at least replaced the right front speaker also. My OCD would have made me replace the two rear speakers as well so all four speakers matched! LOL Thanks for sharing. Thumbs Up !!