RV Maintenance Exercising Myrtle

RV Maintenance Exercising Myrtle
When your coach sits for any period of time, it is a good idea to take the rig out and slosh the fluids around and give the coach a good run. Today – RV Debs and I …

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  • she really looks good. gonna try that turtle wax you use. I've been using the turtle wax ice. it's good But maybe the wax will last longer. Be safe! might do your park in late September if they have openings. heading up east coast to Maine then back to Florida in Sept. for Drs.

  • I enjoyed that trip with you and Debs! I liked watching on her channel too. Wish my hubby was as maintenance minded as you are! If I could drive that thing, I'd come visit you guys. Chico too!

  • Great video Patrick! I do believe your getting the urge to bug out! Time is coming soon I think for new adventures. It is good to do this and be ready to go and not have the little problems to deal with on the road. And getting the extra stuff put away in your coach is smart as well then it is easy to just put things like you did on the floor and chairs,sink and off you go, easy peasy! I could get mine ready in 30 mins or less and goooo! We also have three fur babies Bob,Sadie and Katie and my large fur baby Tonka my horse! Yes we RV with a horse loll. Hugs Leysa

  • LOVE YOUR RV PATRICK , FUN RIDE AND VIDEO ~ Around your sink and stove area would look pretty with backsplash tiles …
    They come in sheets easy install , Just a thought to make it even more comfy and homey …
    Tc Hi's to Deb and Kit ~

  • Maybe if you put that batt charger on the batteries once a week or so in the future, they wont get discharged. Having all new batteries takes one worry off your mind.