RV Maintenance ~ Fixing RV GFI Outlet

RV Maintenance ~ Fixing RV GFI Outlet

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  1. I fought an RV GFCI issue for a bit and it was not the outlet, it was the power strip that I had hooked up to it. The power strip was marginally failing, just on the edge of causing the GFCI to trip. I found it by hooking shore power to a 20AMP GFCI and it tripped when the power strip was plugged in, but not otherwise. I replaced the power strip and solved that and eventually replaced the GFCI, just to make sure it was new and worked right.

  2. Ok, so you fixed it and I like your logic thought process…just so you know, the circuit breaker protects the circuit, i.e. the wire and limits the current flow on the circuit. it is suppose to trip before the wire gets hot due to thermo action ( heat) caused from too many amps of current draw. The GFCI on the other hand works a bit different, it looks at the total current its feeding down stream (either whats plugged in, or another outlet looped in and wired to be protected by that GFCI) Im trying to make this simple….anyway if the same current flows on the hot wire as flows back on the neutral wire all is good…(there is a mini current meeter in the GFCI looking at this) But when less current flows on the return neutral wire the missing current must be going to ground and to protect you from shock….the GFCI trips….hope that helps…the normal problem with GFCI's is corrosion and some of the mini amps leak on that corrosion and it won't reset….Glad you fixe the problem…TL

  3. Oh thanks I carry enough electric stuff in the van to fix any 12v problem that may come up. It never crossed my mind I could have a 120v problem I need to add a some more stuff to my repair supplies. Some people turn cargo vans into campers I am well on my way to turning my campervan into a cargo van:)

  4. if ur outlets are getting hot something is pulling way too many AMPS on the effected circuit (and the breaker isnt doing anything about it or its rated too low for the wires going to the outlets). need to look at what it maybe and run new wire and breaker to it so its on its own circuit to fix it or ull just keep burning up outlets or even catch the RV on fire. but if it was just the one outlet that was hot you had to replace then feel free to ignore everything i said unless u wanna just check to make sure everything else is ok for peace of mind.

    also be a good idea to find out what your overall amp usage is on the average because im betting that thing uses a 30 amp plug to connect to shore power, and might have to upgrade it to a 50 so your not flipping or burning up ur outlets all the time. If its on the upper 20s like higher then 26 AMPS I would upgrade it. Chances are depending how old that cord is it may not even be 30 AMPS really anymore.

    When i upgraded mine to 50 AMPS I was glad i did. the 30 AMP Cord still worked but had to upgrade to 50 to pass my electric companies guidelines to get power turned on. But after i looked at the old 30 closely. half the threaded wires in it where cooked. So no way it could handle 30 AMPS anymore.


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