RV Maintenance How To Check and Replace Hydraulic Lines

RV Maintenance How To Check and Replace Hydraulic Lines
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  • I just repaired my line. It wasnt the steel lines just strong rubber. I used a brass tube to fit in the center after cutting off the bad parts. Then a clamp on either side. It worked well. My issue now is I ran the line around the outside of my trailer to get the slides out real quick. Now I want to run the line inside and under the trailer right. If my slides are out and I disconnect the line will they start closing on me. The line is inder pressure. You can feel it.

  • Somewhat useless as a "tutorial", because you never mentioned anything about length requirements.
    e.g. Did you just happen to "stumble" on new cabling, on the shelf, that was EXACTLY the length you needed it? (I kinda doubt this, since you couldn't even find the right DIAMETER.)
    Also, if the "manufacturer" as you called them (the 'assembler', really, of your trailer) got 1/8th inch lines SOMEWHERE……it's obviously "available" to the entire world. I'd be quite concerned about changing not only the diameter of the lines….but also having to change ALL the fittings on the various pumps, reservoirs, etc.
    Oh, and……….how EXPENSIVE IS IT?? You dance around the 'high price' issue but you never do blurt out the real cost!