RV Maintenance tips Part 5

RV Maintenance tips Part 5
We have an Entegra Anthem and here are some more useful maintenance tips to help if you have a Class A Rv.

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  • Great tip! As a completely new RV'er that hasn't been on the road yet I'm going to take a look at mine today. Lock-Tite would be a good solution but as an ex-aerospace engineer I'll probably look at using lock wire to make sure the shackle bolts can't unscrew. Hope to see you on the road somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You really have to go look your vehicle over, and we mean before trips and as your out there on the road and a once over after the trip, its your vehicle , in joy and look after it, or have someone do it if you can't or don't know how too.

  • I want to thank you again for your videos … Buffalo NY time = 1:58 PM… March 27,2018 …. My big take away from this… is the workmanship on these products may be sub standard .. and Poor Quality control …. And they are expensive

  • Hey y'all, great videos. Here's a tip, man's best friend isn't a dog, it's Locktite screw and bolt adhesive. Here's what I witnessed traveling west on I-10 outside of Phoenix AZ. A motorhome in front of us lost a chrome exhaust tip because a u-bolt came loose and bounced off his towed cars windshield, then over our RV, Yes, completely missing us and into the radiator of a semi-truck behind us. Luckily no one was hurt. So, Locktite everything.. Anyway, love the videos, keep them coming. Bye

  • Another tip for 50 amp and 30 amp male plug ends is to carry some steel wool with you and insure the copper lugs are clean and shinny. Yours looked pretty dirty in the video.

  • Good catch..
    Yu never said why you changed the radiator? The RV is not that old what was wrong "his time" ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Just interested in knowing.

    BTW depending on how much of the bolt was through the U bracket you could also maybe add a lock nut to it to help hold it in place.

    But yep checking stuff before journeys is ALWAYS the only thing to do.

  • Hi great hearing all you do's and don't and help which is fantastic, if i could say change the bolts for ones with open loop and put through cable tie and they shouldn't come undone ????

  • One way to never have the issue with the rock guard and the small shackle bolt from falling off is to replace them with a shackle that has a cotter pin through the bolt.. simple fix!

  • Hi, the shackle that holds your rear mud flap, the pin that you do up should have a hole at the end you should put a cable tie though it to secure . Then it would never undo !

  • for info purposes only is the roadmaster tow bar is made from stainless steel and will not rust like the blue ox does. as you know rust is the first stage of failure. you might consider the roadmaster model for a replacement. plus they don't bind as often as blue ox does when disconnecting

  • You may have already thought of this; however if this was my couch I would threw bolt the attachment and place a lock washer and locking nut on top of that. At the very least the use of "Locktight" on the present bolt would be helpful. The thought of that skirt coming loose at 60-70 MPH is frightening. This something that the manufacture should address as well.

  • After hearing about the bolt in your mud flap and hearing the story, I immediately looked at mine (American Eagle) and happily found that it was tight and had not started to back out as yours did. The head of the bolt going into the linkage connector (we call that piece an "Anchor Shackle) on mine has a hole through it, sort of like a thumb screw, maybe yours does also. I put a piece of safety wire through the hole and around the shackle to stop the screw from being able to back out without cutting the wire. I'm sure a wire tie would also work since there really isn't any real pressure there, just vibration trying to unscrew it. Thanks you for sharing, prevention is so much better that the alternative. I really look forward to your adventures and "fixes".

  • Hi there just watched a couple more ov your vids and hear are a couple more tips for you the wife will like the first there is a product called tea tanks and you put some in the toilet and the smell disappears instantly its brill the other thing i noticed is that you don't have a water pressure regulator on the rv now when the pipes under the sink or shower blow of and it floods the coach you will wish you had spent 20 bucks. and i would remove this vid because those pistons should be dry reed the manual take care .Paul

  • Hi Glen not telling you how to suck eggs but i am a mechanic you need to remove the grease from the piston rods as the auto locking bars cannot work and the tow car can sway about and start snaking there is a better product called ACF50 its hard to get hold of in the usa, clean them and then a light coat and they will stay rust free you need to spray most things on the rv with it its like wd 40 on steroids i have a rv and keep it in FL just got back from there another tip is to check your tyre inflator pipe is long enough and also usually the ordinary connectors don't fit so you have to change out the valve the rv the d links on the big mudflap can also be secured with cable ties so all those electrical connectors need ACF 50 some of the chrome backs of the alloys hinges on the lockers it won't hurt the paint or enemy thing else go on there web site i have been using it for years in the uk on heavy industrial machines get the pink and silver can its twice as strong as the marine version i would get 4 cans and spray every thing .Paul

  • Happy to have you back in the state's. I spray my blue ox with WD40 before winter each year, it seems to work.
    The plug idea is great and I will do, thanks!
    I had heard of the rock guard problem so I put in a longer bolt with a nut and lock washer and for good measure put a safety pin through the threaded end of the bolt.
    You will have to drill the hole for the safety pin.
    keep the rubber on the road.

  • Welcome back Julia & Glenn. Always look forward to your adventures. Great video on the tips,……and my God, you really are doing a service for all Entegra owners with all your reports on the issues you have have over the year. I flew from Wisconsin to Tampa last month to attend the RV show and test drive a number of Class A couches. At Lazy Days I drove an Itasca tag axle 42 foot and at Independence RV I drove a Newmar Dutch Star 43 tag, no questions asked. When I went to RV One in Tampa to drive an Entegra, I was told I would have to write up a contract first. How do they expect people to feel when it is obvious that they determined I wasn't a real customer, so they told me to go pound sand? Wow,…….

  • Glad to see you back online! I check every day for a new post.What was wrong with the radiator? I read that a lot of Entegra coaches have to have them replaced……My Cornerstone comes in this month, I cant wait to do all my lil fixes and checks that I have learned from you!ย  THANK YOU!God Bless you and your travelsRob in Vegas

  • Glen, I've been told to use the black zip ties as the white ones get brittle and crack with UV exposure. If you plan on increasing the greasing frequency, it doesn't matter as much.