RV Maintenance: Washing the Trailer

This video is about RV Maintenance: Washing the Trailer.
Many times we all focus on the use of our trailers, 5th wheels, or motorhomes. Weather can play a huge role in how your RV looks 2-10 years after your purchase. If you wash your trailer properly you can maintain that showroom look for many years to come. We have all seen the 2 year old trailer that looks 10-15 years old. Much of the cosmetic damage can be avoided by adding this simple process into your maintenance routine.
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  • Don't forget to condition your rubber roof to prevent UV damage (shrinking and cracking). Especially along the outside edges. Wrap over roofs on many RVs are prone to more UV damage where the rubber wraps over to meet the sidewalls.

    Good video. I don't recommend using a brush with stiff bristles on any chrome rims. They have a clear coat on them. Abrasive brushes can scratch the finish. Over time the finish will look dull from 1000s of micro scratches. Same goes for the clear coat on the RVs paint. Always ensure your brush is free of sand, dirt, and other micro abrasives by rinsing it several times during use. And when you accidentally drop it. Just like when we're washing our trucks. We wouldn't drop the mitt on the driveway and use it without rinsing all the dirt off first.

    PS. Most of my comments are for all readers. I tend to ramble on assuming the reader is a 5yr old child.