RV Roof Inspection and Cleaning

RV Roof Inspection and Cleaning
rvroofcleaning #rvroofinspection #rvmaintenance It’s RV Spring cleaning time and for I Love RV Life, that means climbing on top of the 5th wheel, performing a …

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  1. If you don't feel comfortable walking on a wet roof, you could also buy a scaffolding kit and stand on that. It may make cleaning a little harder but it can be a lot safer.

  2. Excellent video, just what I was looking for. I coated with 100% silicone last year, agree that there are better alternatives to keeping the rubber roof. A harsh wet winter, and after cleaning looks just like I painted it last September. TY! And happy travels"

  3. Thanks 4 the video. I also have a 2014 Gateway. Ive noticed in your vidoes yours is shiny. Mine is very dull looking like maybe not a good clear coat. Do you do anything special to keep it shiny. Ive tried a lot of diffrrent things posted on utube. Either im doing them wrong or something is wrong with my finish.


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