RV Sewer Hose Tips

From storing your RV Sewer Hose to cleaning it, there are many necessary tasks to perform before and after using it. Adequate care of the Sewer Hose will prevent it from getting contaminated or even spread waste in and around your RV.  So, check our
tips and tricks for RV Sewer Hose Maintenance, Storage and Cleanliness.

bb449-camp-gulf-15-640x537Mark Polk from RV Education 101 talks about RV Sewer Hose Tips

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Mark Polk from RV University talks about RV Sewer Hose Tips

  • Heavy-duty RV Sewer Hoses- They’re not that expensive and they hold up much better.
  • Spare Sewer Hoses- Keep a 10-foot hose and a 20-foot hose available.
  • Shifting the Sewer Hose- Do not pull or drag the sewer hose on the ground. This will cause it to tear or get pin holes in it.
  • Sewer Hose Support- It may be necessary to use some type of sewer hose support to get a good angle from the RV to the campground sewer connection so the tanks drain properly when you empty them.

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The crew at Do It Yourself RV talks about RV Sewer Hose Storage Ideas and Examples

  • Keeping the sewer hose separate can also make it a much more hygienic endeavour.
  • PVC/Vinyl gutters: These arrange the Sewer Hose and stores it safe, in addition to giving a pull out function for loading and unloading the hose back into the pipe.

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Flushing the sewer hose and cleaning it post dumping the RV waste will also increase the longevity of the hose. In addition, make sure you purchase different and distinct colors for Sewer and your water hose. The golden rule to prevent blockage in your Sewer pipe is to use toilet papers that is specifically for RVs.