RV Simple and Easy Cleaning Tips And Tricks

RV Simple and Easy Cleaning Tips And Tricks
Ross and Heather give you some great tips on cleaning in and around your RV. A must see.

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The Deprey’s

  • Thanks for the tips!!! I really need to learn all this so I appreciate your videos. Nice to see people who take care of their belongings πŸ™‚

  • Great tips – like the idea of the waterless cleaner – have you ever used Greenway by nowet? It also has a kaolin clay to remove all dirt and any old buildup from old cleaners, plus the carnauba wax is easily buffed with a microfiber. I have been using the stuff for about 17 years. Bonus – made in USA

  • Awesome helpful video. You guys are fun. πŸ€— Just found you guys and sub'd. I'm trying to go back and watch all of the old videos so I can get caught up. LOL Congrats to you guys for making the big move, I'm so happy for you guys. Be safe out there. πŸ‘

  • I love how thorough you are with your RV, electronics and pets. I would buy anything from you guys because I know it's well taken care of. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  • We have a large toy hauler that cleaning it will be more than I would my house but you provide some good tips… Love Dawn and it has so many uses… My sister mixes white vinegar with hers for her shower stalls, etc… She uses no chemicals but loves her Dawn as do I… and for the price you cant beat it..

  • Hey deprey's
    some awesome tips
    I cleaned my screens and the painted them ( but they were 21 years old ) now they look like new
    I've been flushing out my water system over and over ,making sure its clean( no antifreeze from storage )
    the only thing left to work on is my generator ( runs but isnt putting out power )
    love you guys ,be careful and travel safe ,,,liked ( thumbs up )