Blog post: http://thekaylaross.com/rv-skirting Today we get to share with you all of our tips on custom RV skirting. We have owned ours since 2014 and have …

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Austin and Kayla

  • my apologies if you answered this already, but is there any form of heater for RV's while you guys are unhooked from the truck, etc? or is it just a lot of layers and blankets to keep warm in the winter. awesome videos, keep up the amazing work. 👍 if you ever need editing tips, inspiration, etc feel free to ask. 🙂

  • Excellent. You do a really good job of explaining things. Hope I don't need skirting in the future, but, I know where to get it if I do. Thx, Mary

  • am so happy I found this channel because I couldn't find any pipeliner channel but I found yours I hope u don't stop posting because I want to be be pipliner too

  • ok have a great question so I have been looking in to this how did you find a rv park open year around even up in the northern states because you guys said your in Pennsylvania. well it gets pretty cold up there and lots of snow. so my question is how do you handle the grey tanks and the black water hook up or do you have to pull out and get ride of that some were else since it's winter time

  • Have you heard about any non-custom skirts that are worth it? We are in Los Angeles (and will be most of the year), but plan on traveling part of the year. Thanks for all the info!

  • You two are pretty interesting. I am a Canadian pipeliner, mostly in northern Alberta. I have lived in an RV in the great white north as far up as Fort Nelson BC in the dead of winter. Been really enjoying you'r videos and reliving my own experiences watching them.Look forward to watching more. Keep them coming.

  • So you're actually using film in your "videos?" Impossible, so how can you be "filming?" Always good to start a video presentation with an apology for something we could not care less about. Sorry hun, this is a horrible video. WAY too much you on camera and not enough of what you're talking about. SHOW more skirting, how you skirted, maybe some differences in the types of skirting, the different attachments and such and not spend time on camera trying to explain them. Couldn't watch any more after 6 minutes.