RV Time: Hitting the Road with your Furry Friends


Photo: www.rvwheellife.com

Nothing beats the fun RVing with family and friends, but with your furry pets along your road trips multiplies it. Once you hit the road on your RV indicates that there is no definite date on when you are coming back home and leaving your pets in a shelter (even temporarily) will bug your conscience. Because they are not just “house pets”, they are a member of your adventurous family.

There are 10 Tips on RVing your pets, but let me site 5 of them:
Photo: www.truckcampermagazine.com

  1. Make a packing list of things your pet will need. Food, water, dishes, leashes, waste-pickup bags, and a litter box for the feline family members are givens. But you may want to consider bringing treats, toys, a brush, an exercise pen, or a crate. Don’t forget any medications your pet may take.
  2. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.
  3. Call the campground to make sure they allow pets. You may also want to ask if there are extra pet fees. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions, and many have a limit to how many furry friends you can bring.
  4. Always pick up after your pet. Please! It’s the courteous thing to do.
  5. This is a no-brainer, but if you are going to leave your pet alone in the RV for a few hours, make sure they have plenty of water, food, a place to potty (pee-pee pads work well), and proper ventilation or air conditioning.

If you think you have completed your pets checklist , and yours as well, then your all set to board the RV and start making good memories with your furry pals while you still can.

Photo: roadtreking.com