RV Tips: Changing Our Motorhome's House Batteries | RV Texas

RV Tips: Changing Our Motorhome's House Batteries | RV Texas
Part of RV ownership is maintenance. In this video, we replace our motorhome’s 4 house batteries and talk about some things we’ve learned about battery …

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  • There are a couple of subjects I have not seen videos on: 1. Coach security when you are not in there. I have a pet and want to be sure he is safe and our valuables are safe against break ins. 2. Managing household trash, best way to deal with it. Thanks!

  • Great to see your new video! Here's a weird question: is that a WSU Cougars tshirt you're wearing there? I went there- class of 1983! Great video on changing batteries! Bob

  • Great video ya"ll. Im a diesel mech and found 3 good 12 volt group 31 batt and put them in my fifth wheel and put a 2000 watt /4000 peak power inverter in and in the process in looking for a auto start on my generator to keep my batt toped off when boon docking.Im like you and going to change them out for AGM batts in the future.I have a 48 inch tv and and run several light at night for 5hrs and the 3 batts do good. thanks

  • We have AGM batteries so don't need to check/add water and they are on a pull-out tray. I have a lot more batteries too. I set the Genstart so, if the battery voltage drops below a certain level, the generator starts and recharges them. I have one of the AC units that will run off the batteries. I use to take out my battery on my TT and put it on a trickle charger in my basement.