RV Tour: The Non Glamorous Side of Full time Rv Living (with pets)

RV Tour: The Non Glamorous Side of Full time Rv Living (with pets)
A tour of our RV and some insight into the non glamorous side of living full time in it with our cats and dogs.

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Brittany Randolph

  • You seem very unhappy. I hope you find a way to make your life a place you WANT to be. I am sure RV life is not for everyone. On the other hand you look lie you have done a great job organizing your space.

  • Your RV set up seems very practical and works well. Useful to share your storage ideas. I'm curious about your hair! It's beautiful texture but you're way too young to have grey hair! Must b coloring! Are you required to have that hair color for your circus job? Is that what you do now? Also why r all your windows covered up? Is it too hot or cold in Vegas? I've been to Vegas many many times to play tennis ..it's always hot…loved it!

  • Although this video is older and I’m a little late, there are some solutions to your problems. Velcro reflectix to the back of your cabinets to reflect the heat and prevent food spoilage. With your valance, use a butterfly bolt to secure it tightly to your cabinet. Good luck!

  • Dogs love cat Poop … eeww idk why in the world they like it… do y’all travel or are you stationary???i liked your vid it was very real and not the glamorous side…

  • OMG you could not pay me to live in 105 degree weather.
    My cats continually chew every electrical cord I have. But I love my fur babies.
    Nice honest realistic video on rv living. Thanks.

  • I enjoy seeing videos like this how people can live in small spaces I'm considering a Van life and I'm doing as much research as I can and I have a dog so this helps me out..so you work local do you have another car for local driving and keep your rv secured somewhere because with all these videos I've seen rv vans box trucks depending on what I would get would it make sense to have a small car also