RV Tour: Winnebago Itasca Class C RV, Full time RVing

RV Tour: Winnebago Itasca Class C RV, Full time RVing
I just upgraded to a 2005, 24′ Winnebago Class C RV and now that I’m all moved in, I’m inviting your for a tour! To see many of the times inside visit my Amazon …

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  • That Kirkland food is great. They have an organic version that's even better. I want to come to your trailer and fold everything neatly. It was making me kind of crazy but I'm a neat freak. The trailer looks very cozy

  • Hey Carolyn, I'm a newbie with you just subscribed after watching Bob Wells video which I love seeing and learning about so many different things. But I had the same issue with my
    cabinets as well but not near as bad, but one thing I did and was very simple was I bought some light weight string and just tired the handles together and when I got where I was
    staying I just cut the string. The roll of string is so cheap I'm still using the same roll and that's been about three years and the roll only cost less than a dollar. Anyway just a thought if you haven't already since January. Thanks!

  • I had no idea it was you Carolyn.
    I'm considering the 31y , I'm in Amarillo TX, and need a good deal on one, Jack Sizemore is the dealer here.
    Thanks for showing me around.
    I'm currently following your solar advice. I can afford lots of good batteries.

  • Thanks for the informative video. I was wanting to check out Itascas more so this was helpful. Idea: Tie the cabinet handles together with a cotton or other natural-fiber ribbon or rope when driving, to avoid having to use plastic/metal bars and to save time.

  • Living my dream โค๏ธ Maybe one of these days I can talk my husband into traveling in a RV . We have a pop up and camp freq with our grandkids. We both want something more substantial ….in a couple of years so we can travel more and longer distances. Good luck and stay safe.

  • Oh wow, this video showed up in my Home tab. So glad I watched the tour. I always wondered what your RV home looked like inside. Itโ€™s so lovely Carolyn. Has much more space than I imagined and the amount of storage is astounding. Looks very comfortable and roomy. Love the wood too. x

  • Hi Carolyn! I certainly enjoy your videos! You're the first one I found making "van dweller" youtuber videos, I am a retired "more than middle aged" van dweller wannabe. I think I just want to go to the desert in the winter and see if it helps my arthritis. I have a chance to buy an older Mini Winnie. It's a 1984 with 60,000 miles with a chevy chassis. I haven't figured out how to post on the newbie area of Bob Well's home page to ask questions so I hope it's OK to ask you. I would like to know how to research this rv; where to look and how to figure out the value. It looks great in photos, but I haven't traveled to look at or drive in person. It looks in photos to have a similar layout as your rv. If you could reply or someone else who reads this, I would appreciate it. My condolences on your loss.

  • Love you and your baby. Keep enjoying your life. Don't pay attention to what they say. God bless you always. I sub to your channel I love it.โคโคโคโคโค

  • Look at these Full-timers at the beginning, and then look at them now. This life style takes a terrible toll. Looks like they have aged 5 years or more in one year, and optimism you see in this video is gone in the latest. Hard way to live. May 2019 bring health and prosperity to you.

  • Hi Carolyn, I'm looking at buying an Itasca Class C. I've done SOOO much research on this so far. What I really want is a Skoolie conversion so I can arrange the design myself, but school bus gas mileage made me rethink that. I see the Itasca gets 18 mpg… that really turned my head. So, wondering how you're doing with your Itasca. I know how busy you are, if you can respond, that would be great. If not, no worries.

  • something about your videos that even this one and Im a guy from the Bronx like I shouldn't be interested in what you have in your drawers lol lol sorry anyway I watched the whole video your upbeat happiness like a kid at Christmas was contagious….totally enjoyed this…

  • When traveling I use small Velcro straps from handle to handle on the cupboard doors if they do pop they can't come the whole way open and nothing falls out, buy a roll of it in the sewing Dept at Walmart, works really well

  • What I admire most about you Carolyn is that you seem to be exactly who you are, whether anyone is looking or not. You are a role model for women, well, for people, everywhere, anytime. Even alone, by yourself out on the road with your companion, Capone, you maintain a work schedule and I'll bet you try to do the right thing in any situation…regardless of whether anyone is there watching or not. I
    am so sorry you lost your best friend sometime after this video, and I know the road gets pretty long and lonely without him. Just know there are many of us who are still stuck in the race, rooting for you! It's great to see you growing into the person you were always meant to be!! Lots of Happy Trails to you!!

  • This is totally awesome. I'm learning so much from you. I missed a few and so think I will go back and start from your first video all way through. Baskets are a great way to store stuff, I even do it in my condo. Kind of late maybe, but what about a mini bunji cord or tie of some sort on door handles while driving to help keep them closed?