RV Travel in Snow | 50. Road Warrior Life | RV Living Full Time

RV Travel in Snow | 50. Road Warrior Life | RV Living Full Time
We travel from Connecticut to Snowy Vermont and find ourselves on narrow dirt roads that are covered in snow and ice. RVing in the winter in the NE is not for …

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  • I too would have backed it in. Would have solved many problems.

    Also, two way radio's would have helped as your wife could have kept you informed about how you were doing on your blind side.

  • When I was a little kid my dad taught me and my brother how to drive farm equipment. We had to back a dump truck out of the fields. we also learned to back up trailers. Now that I'm a fill time RV'er I thank god for what he taught us. Now with yhat said back that sucker in. it would've been tight but you can do it

  • You need to learn to back and drive a trailer. There was PLENTY of room to go past the drive and back it in. In that situation you put the left side of the truck and trailer on the left most side of the road as soon as the tail of trailer clears the trees crank it hard over and let the tail end come around. After a few feet follow it hard and you will slide it right there where the snow bank was. If you don't slide going in forward you wouldn't slide going in backwards. Tires done care which way they are going. Grab some cones and head to a open parking lot. Practice tight turns and backing. You can get them in MUCH tighter places than you can imagine.

    Also if you were going to pull in forward like you did you need to go down the road a few more feet and then crank hard in. If your not on the steering stops then your using up extra space to turn that you dont need to.

  • Did you stay in the camper while there in the NE? How was the temp. Inside the camper with it being winter? Do-able but not comfy or comfy? Looking into getting a 5th-wheel camper and have full intentions of full-time living in WI. Any recommendations? Nice 5th-wheel by the way

  • Funny in the one shot, looks like you have a deathgrip on the steering wheel cruising down the freeway!!
    I can only imagine your pucker factor getting down the gravel road and into the driveway!! Thanks for posting..

  • Going big and fancy is not my bag, as I'm not out to impress others or have the expense of dragging a house around. My Astro gets me to place's you hi rollers can't get to and I'm living a real nomadic lifestyle cheaply . A van is the best way to go or a small camper in the back bed of a pickup, now that's the best and cheapest way to go

  • Why i say you need training you turned the wheels to early on turn in. And if you would have set up right on the road and let the trailer walk its self in you could have backed in. You just need some training on how to drive this. Like i will always say you should have to pass a class before you can drive one.