RV Travels ~ Tour of Bunkhouse, Pet Tips & Cat Accommodations in my RV

RV Travels ~ Tour of Bunkhouse, Pet Tips & Cat Accommodations in my RV
I demonstrate my Bunkhouse and some of the modifications I made in that room for all those that share it- including my cat Missy. Other Tips as well for Pets .

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  1. Such a great set up-everyone is so comfortable,even your sweet cat! I love all the tension rod ideas I've seen in your videos. I meant to ask on the video where you first showed the fold up Ikea hooks, what is the weight limit? They look very sturdy so I was wondering if I could hang things like purses, shower/beach bags, maybe things a bit heavier than jackets? Also, did you screw them into the regular wall or was it like a wall "stud" or other reinforced area? Thank you, in advance….

  2. Thank you, love, love your set up. Iv bought a 34 foot Damon Intruder and trying to get set up to go on the road. having to make the space mine and my pets ( two dots and a large cat(tiger) lol. Not sure what to do with litterbox, food supplies, and keeping dogs out of cats box. Searching for help

  3. Another great idea!! I need one of those halters for Sassy. That way when I walk down to the mail box she can go with me. She really enjoys going out with me. Sassy thanks you for that :>)


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