RV Wish List – Things to Get for RV – Full Time RV Lifestyle

RV Wish List – Things to Get for RV – Full Time RV Lifestyle
Bernie & Susan share a few items that they didn’t retain or purchase when beginning their RV lifestyle but now wish they had. WildOnTheGo Merch is Here …

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  • I have a question about insurance. We just bought a new camper and we are not full time. We are considering it for the future. One of the questions they asked us was are you going to live in this camper? Of course we said no and left it at that. I am wondering how badly they hurt you as a full-time RV-er as compared to being part -timers.

  • quality bikes tip the scales well below what you listed fo the cheap folding bike.
    and the components (derailleurs, etc) are way better on a quality bikes, and they are easier to work on, as well as just getting parts. (things do ware out or break).

  • I fully agree with you. Especially on the bike's and recliners. We are currently looking at a diesel pusher. We have already planned on removing one of the couches and putting in two Lazy Boy recliners. We also have looked into the folding bikes too and have plans on purchasing them. I just hate to do it before we buy the RV.

    Have you figured up a total on the items you would like to have?

  • I thought about getting a portable/folder-able solar panels, but now that most new generators are very quiet (58-60 decibels at 25 feet a way), solar might not be as useful. Maybe others still might find it useful.

  • Very nice video! I agree 100% about the bicycles; will have to test ride one of those folding models. We have a single cloth-covered wall-hugger recliner in our RV, and it is great, even tho I am 6'2". Would love it if we could squeeze a second recliner in.

  • 3 years out…My wife and I are planning when I retire to rent our home and hit the road. I am looking at a Jayco Pinnacle. Can you give me any thoughts on the Montana that you own? Also, I am of the opinion that if this is now my home I don't want someone else's problems, so I would prefer new. Would you share your thoughts? depreciation etc.

  • that was a really good video, loved the after thought honesty…. did just subscribe.. look forward to more videos…may peace health and happiness follow you both and your dog as well

  • We are shopping for our first RV right now. Solar is something we'd like to get but not sure how the budget will allow it. I'm thinking that if we got maybe 500 Watts of panels and fewer batteries & then run the generator to help compensate once in a while it might be a doable solution. I don't think I would be able to physically install them myself so that would be another expense. These tips on selecting an RV have been very much appreciated. I subscribed.

  • Look s like Freestone Park AZ. That's right down the road 🙂 Great insight. My wife and I are looking into full timing- You guys have helped more than you know! Thanks again- keep em coming!

  • That ending was hilarious! We are looking at solar now for our TT and a inverter as well. It is a confusing for sure.

    A good start IMO for you two would be to get two 100 watt panels. Grab a 40a MPPT solar controller. I say 40a because you can add panels later if you want and have a nice charger that takes care of your batteries by charging them correctly. You can get one on Amazon for $150 and the panels are $99. Good luck and hope you get and enjoy some bikes soon!

  • I'm not on the road full time yet but am out every chance I get (out in the rig right now.) I was looking at both the Montana and the cedar creek and went with the 2017 cedar creek 36ck2 purchased in December. Both seem to be great rigs. Our cedar creek came with a 1 1/4" receiver on the back for a bike rack but it broke on our trip from Ontario to Florida at Christmas time. Lucky it made it home but we noticed it was cracking. We had our local welding shop cut off all the light wall steel and replaced it with something twice as strong. We also put a 2" receiver on the front of the truck and carried the bikes up front on the last trip. That worked very we'll.
    I enjoy your videos and find them useful as we thing about prolonged travel with our rig.

  • LOL Once again the ending is too funny! Solar is getting better so it's good you waited. Now you can figure out what you really need and design your system around your needs. The bikes are cool. I think I would want those as well. Thanks for another great video. I don't know how I missed this one before???

  • this video was right on, we need to do some kind of good solar set up on our fifth wheel soon and if you do something along that line we look forward to seeing what you do. we appreciate everything you kids do and love your channel. give barkley a big scratch for us

  • Tks for the tips on this video. I was thinking going on the road in a few months and I would like to get a used Class C, and get it from Cruise America, what are your thoughts on this idea, pros and cons are welcome, tks again. Terry

  • Your right about the recliners; ours looks similar to yours. It would be so nice if they also reclined further. It's rather difficult for me to nap sitting so straight. LOL

  • those bikes with the little wheels are only good on paved surfaces, after that good luck in the dirt and gravel and evenitty bitty. little potholes are tough, just use the generator to recharge battery bank, nice rig

  • all that stuff is pretty expensive the recliners are like 1000-1500 the solar is probably like 2000 depending on the system and installation and bikes like 1000

  • worthwhile video – thanks for taking the time….small RVer here…Love having the bike to explore parks…..have some memorable bike rides through Key West, Acadia National

  • Solar is one thing I would love to have but not sure hubby would. He loves the RV parks so he can have his A/C, 24 hour TV and internet! LOL We both have recliners at home. He lays on the sofa more and wishes out RV had a longer sofa. One day we may trade it out. But for now, it's the only extra seating on the RV with seatbelts. We are hoping when the grandkids are a little old, we could take them with us on a few trips. They are 2 1/2 & 13 months, so sleeping arrangements for them isn't ideal right now. Hubby may enjoy a bike. He talks about one for around the house exercise type riding now. I think he would do more hiking if we were out and about the National Parks and campgrounds. I would just like to be out and about more. Keeping the grandkids during the day keeps us home and not traveling as much as we would like. Thanks for the video and making us think about things for the future.