RVing Activities To Do In Zion National Park

With an erratic terrain filled with mud, ice and snow, RVing in Zion National Park makes for an adventure. Situated in the southwestern section of Utah, Zion National Park has many scenic canyons, waterfalls and hanging gardens. It covers a total area of  229-square-miles.

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Things to Know Before coming to Zion Nation Park

Weather and Climate
Find out the typical and current weather conditions in Zion, as well as the flow rate of the Virgin River and the flash flood potential forecast.

Off-road Vehicles
ATVs, OHVs, and other off-road vehicles are not permitted in Zion National Park.

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Activities To Do In Zion National Park Zion National Park

Get trail and campsite descriptions and conditions, and find out how to obtain a backpacking permit in Zion.

The Pa’rus Trail and Zion Canyon Scenic Drive are accessible to bicycles. The shuttles have bike racks.

Zion is home to 207 species of birds. Bird checklists are available at the visitor centers.

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Having three campgrounds, Zion National Park allows camping solely in the designated campgrounds rather than in parking lots or pullouts. The busiest season in Zion National Park is from March to November. Zion is also acclaimed for having over 900 species of exotic fauna in its geography as well.