RVing At Empty Winter Campgrounds | Kai Iwi Lakes, New Zealand

RVing At Empty Winter Campgrounds | Kai Iwi Lakes, New Zealand
I move to a Department of Conservation campground which sounded amazing on the Campermate App, but also sounded busy and a little confusion on how to …

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Travelling K

  • Seriously in love with your channel and vlogs. Watched all the way back to when you bought your caravan. I’m going looking again today for one for the family, hope I find one soon

  • I think almost everyone has experienced a huge mess when the fridge door is not properly latched and the contents spill out onto the floor. Nice surprise when you open the door. If you must bake a cake it is so much better to assemble the ingredients in a bowl when stopped. Look for an old movie with Lucy and Desi Arnez titled the Long, Long Trailer. Sorta says it all. Enjoy your vids!

  • I'm a recent subbie and love your channel! I wanted to see what female caravanners were doing on YouTube, recently considering that vs a van and looking for inspiration. Stay positive and happy 🙂 👌🏾✨

  • That area used to be well forested before DOC cut down all the trees.They claimed they were a falling branch risk – every single one of them ,apparently.
    Most of the land on that coast does consist of ancient dunes,all the way from Auckland north. That's the reason for the white sand.

  • What a lovely place. It is a place that has been recommended to me many times. Love the clarity of the water and the tranquility. It would be a great kayaking location. Is that walk bikeable? You could run your own travel show. Actually I think you already do. 🙂

  • Haha…… That's how I feel some days. Especially the ones when I'm up at 4am for work😴 Bummer about the messages falling in transit Karen. Maybe a wee bungee cord to hold the door shut if possible? The evening views over the bay were stunning. And at least you know where to pitch the next time you visit.
    Enjoyable as always….Take care ma dear……….Andy.😉👍

  • Hi Karen, what a beautifull place ! you've to be lucky to be alone here !
    I 've a question : your car is it a 4 wheel drive ? i didn't take the risk to run on grass ( execpt in camp ).

    summer is comming in NZ are here winter is comming !
    Take care about bees for my NZ apples !!

    See you later.