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  • Hi guys. Ok, this was my vacation this week- I'm off, the wife is working, my youngest is Torri's age he's at Virginia Tech and its raining. So… what do I do? I binge watch this channel. I'm all caught up. My plan (soon I hope) is to travel without a camper and just take long vactions in my f150. I would love to travel up the "load road" to Prudoe Bay and up Dempster highway near Dawson Canada to Inuvik, and as of this year you can now drive all the way to the Artic Ocean and take a dip in Tuktoyaktuk. I'm from Delaware where we have no sales tax so.. we get all you out of staters passing thru with tolls… sorry.

  • This is the most beautiful and fantastic trip I have ever vicariously taken! You guys have seen and done things most people ever dream of. Your kids will thank you forever. Marc, you are the caliber of cinematographer that belongs at NatGeo at the very least. Hope to run into you guys on the road some time. Thank you for sharing this experience. By the way, my wife thinks you guys are "movie stars". (too pretty and nice to be real). AWESOME. I can't see how this can get any better.

  • How is this the first time I've heard that Trish is a Rhodilandah? I see you've lost your accent years ago like me. Love the video today! Alaska is beautiful!

  • I enjoyed this video, it was cool to see some of the places we stayed again through your travels. Interestingly Iโ€™m watching you enjoying the sunshine and it is snowing at the moment. Arizona is starting to creep up the bucket list chart. We found good wifi at Bayside but we were right under the booster. We had beautiful weather while in Valdez and I think that makes for a more enjoyable time regardless of rain gear. We travelled with our two small dogs so we found that full service or electrical sites were required if we wanted to leave the dogs to see things where they were not allowed. We would have liked to do more dry camping but one of the things you deal with when travelling with your pets and we didnโ€™t want to travel without them. There were so many portions of the trips between communities that were spectacular views and seeing them again through your travels is really cool. Looking forward to the next video.

  • I think i just watched a national geographic living magazine….Its like the best recliner in the house …you don.t want to get out of…. so comfortable to the soul….you guys are an do amazing thank-you

  • Your videos are getting my wife and I so excited to take our kids on our first RV trip next summer. ?? Being full time RVerz what would you say your average fuel costs are for a month? Just curious. Thanks for opening my eyes to how amazing life is and to be happy with what you have and no so much what you don't. Keep the videos coming!

  • Another great video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ one question what do you use for WiFi/Hotspot?? Iโ€™m using an online homeschool program this year while on the road, but they require good WiFi?? Please help. Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  • Well Marc, you did it again..you both are so fantastic … When trish is gone and it's just the guys it's great..but when trish is there ,its like you happier again lol… Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the videos the drum for the edge and everything you have shown us. That is some of the most beautiful footage I have ever seen , I could not have imagined saying something so beautiful like that.. One day we are going there and follow in your footsteps.. Thank you so much, and you guys make this such a wonderful moment for the time that we spend on 25 minutes of video common last a lifetime with us thank you

  • You have some pretty amazing video footage and I thank you for that! I'm Canadian – from the east coast and I've never seen anything like this! You're doing exceptionally well for a "rookie" photographer! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So we're not 'cold weather' campers but you've inspired us with your beautiful videos to journey to Alaska in the summer of 2020. We see there's a fair share of rain, so what is the temperature like in the summer?

  • All of your videos are awesome ! My fiancรฉ is always giving me crap for watching YouTube ( this channel ) but what is amazing is that this is better quality than anything on main stream media today.

    Thank you

  • I can confirm the comment about living in RI, or anywhere in New England!!! As I was watching the video, I was shaking my head in aggreement!!!! Oh, and people start wearing shorts (sometimes with winter coats) in March/April, with flip-flops!!!! We yearn for the warm weather, especially when the winter has been bad (insert picture of the Blizzard of '78)!!!!